FlatOut Ultimate Carnage Reader Review

I brought this game after playing the demo derby level for about 3 hours straight.

Unfortunately the demo derby is a small small part of the game. The main game is basically a race, which basically means hitting things (or creating carnage!) is a bad bad thing, as you'll never end up in first place. For me it boiled down to resetting time and time again, until you could do the first few corners, without the physics randomly flying you in the air, hitting anything or the AI drivers getting in the way.

Once you are past the start, the actual race is fairly easy, the AI can't corner anywhere near as well as you. But they don't follow the same rules as you, so they can catch you whatever happens.

The derby's when they happen are excellent though, amazing fun. but again there are two modes, one is a traditional last man standing. the other is more arcady with powerups and lives (which as it lasts longer, is more fun!). you don't seem to be able to pick to play this mode in quick game...which is annoying. god knows why they don't make all modes available outside the 'mission' game types.

So on the whole a very frustrating game, so i'm still waiting for the equivalent of pysgnosis's classic!

5 / 10

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