FlatOut Ultimate Carnage PC date

June this year. No word on changes.

Empire and Bugbear have announced plans to release FlatOut Ultimate Carnage worldwide for PC in June.

Yes, that does mean that it will be arriving almost exactly one year after its well-regarded Xbox 360 counterpart. But I know you are so what am I?

Sadly the publisher's representatives couldn't be more specific than that when we rang up to pester them for more information.

We were also told that while the game would be "high spec" visually, it would struggle to match the 360 version's HD output frame for frame, so we'll have to wait and see on that front.

(Update: The publisher's rep has since been in touch to retract this. "I have double checked with Empire and they have confirmed that FlatOut Ultimate Carnage will be visually comparable to Xbox 360 HD," he said.)

Other differences, if any, are still shrouded in mystery. Which is to say we've asked and hopefully we'll hear more soon.

Empire CEO Ian Higgins lasted two paragraphs of the press release before shouting about how "very excited" he was at some nearby quote marks.

"Research suggests that arcade racers are becoming ever more popular on the PC, with the Xbox 360 controller providing the perfect way to enjoy the genre," he said, cryptically.

Nothing whatsoever to do with people shoving said pad lazily down PC gamers' throats, obviously. Save our keyboards!

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