First bonus UT3 maps on US PSN

Plus info on upcoming COD4 maps.

Epic has released the first official map pack for Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3.

Those of you in the US will be able to download the 82MB bundle from the PlayStation Store today.

However, Sony is yet to update the European PSN, so its arrival here is as uncertain as cleaning a plug socket with a wet sponge.

Inside the map pack are three new areas to kill each other in: deathmatch hotspots Morbias and Facing Worlds, and capture the flag specialist Searchlight.

Also in mapland is word that the upcoming Variety bundle for Call of Duty 4 will be on Live Marketplace in the first week of April.

It's definitely on its way for the PS3, according to developer blog IAMfourtwozero, although it will arrive roughly 21 days later.

Inside the Variety Map Pack are fresh areas Creek, Killhouse and Chinatown. Infinity Ward is also fixing Clan Tags, for those of you who know what that means.

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