Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Reader Review

No help as to what races and jobs mean in terms of gameplay, no decent explanation how abilities on items work, e.g. can a character learn an ability for a class it is not at the moment, but can be? Or what?

The help (by pressing select) for items provides virtually no useful information. Say I bring up help for a weapon in a shop. All I get is a repeat of it's name and it's attached abilities, if any. Is this particular weapon better than this other one? shrug

I can't get over how review after review ignores the fact that it's impossible to know WTF you're doing with items and classes and abilities without extremely time consuming trial and error and reading of third-party FAQs - something no game should force you to do.

This is unforgivable and it is equally unforgivable that the reviewers gloss over this major failing.

2 / 10

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