FIFA 08 gets 5v5 patch

Be A Pro Online Team Play.

EA has finally released its Be A Pro: Online Team Play patch for FIFA 08.

This, as you may remember, lets you take the role of a single footballer in a match - joining up to four of your friends on one team as you try to score more goals than your enemies.

You get to to fiddle around with your appearance and style before you play, and then have the choice of being limited to a certain role, being given licence to roam, or being given a combination of the two.

To get to grips with things you should probably try Be A Pro offline, and don't worry, this will not replace traditional head-to-head multiplayer.

EA revealed that five versus five online play would be in the game back at the Games Convention 2007 in August.

It is a small step towards its grand plan to offer full 11 versus 11 play - hopefully in time to sit alongside the World Cup two years from now.

FIFA 08 was released at the end of September and further established itself as a worthy alternative to Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 - due to its more slow-paced and realistic action. It has come a long way in recent years, and you can read our full thoughts on it in our FIFA 08 review.

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