Fields of Thunder demo

Frontline seat.

Paradox has popped out a new demo for its imminent World War II shooter Frontline: Fields of Thunder.

It lets you play through two missions as the Soviet Union, as you try to beat back waves of German forces that are using sophisticated tank and air attacks. Shell your way across the border to get your hands on it.

Frontline: Fields of Thunder is based around the battle of Kursk, the largest tank fight in history - it made both sides re-evaluate machine designs and production in probably the last conventional arms race before the advent of the atomic bomb.

It's being developed by Nival Interactive, the team behind Blitzkrieg and Heroes of Might & Magic V, and will cost you just US$ 30, or 30 Euro-bob.

The game will be available in Germany and Scandinavia on 16th March; North America on 20th March; France on 30th March; and the UK on 6th April.

Pop over to the Frontline: Fields of Thunder website for more information.

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