FFVI Advances on Europe

Classic adventure in June.

Square Enix has finally decided to bring Final Fantasy VI Advance to Europe, stamping a 29th June release date on it.

It's got a few new features to get to grips with, like the new Soul Shrine that creates an endless stream of monsters to whack, a sparkly dungeon with a fancy Kaiser Dragon boss, and an unlockable music player. But other than that, not a lot's changed, and you'll be free to enjoy the 1994 SNES classic virtually unchanged.

Which is a good thing, because the sixth game in the Final Fantasy series was fantastic - a break away from the familiar direction of Hironobu Sakaguchi. The job system of the fifth was done away with in favour of "background abilities", which, coupled with an enormous cast and detailed story attracted massive critical acclaim.

And it's been recreated perfectly, as Simon Parkin will tell you in his import review of FFVI Advance; a trip down memory that doesn't disappoint.

So, it looks like you'd better start saving.

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