Fender off with EA

Rock Band signs big guns.

If Electronic Arts had a band, then Fender, BOSS, and Roland would be in it - as they've all agreed to be in the upcoming Rock Band Game, is reporting.

The games guitar peripheral will be modelled after the Fender Stratocaster, with Fender basses and amps also set to feature in the game.

Guitar effects pedal maker BOSS and electronics specialist Roland will also be offering their respective gizmos to the EA, MTV and Harmonix collaboration.

"The Stratocaster has been the weapon of choice for many of the world's legendary guitarists," commented Alex Rigopulos, president of Harmonix.

"Giving the players the opportunity to rock out using a guitar peripheral modelled after the Strat really adds to the authenticity of the experience."

Paul Youngblood, president of BOSS, added: "Like the Fender Stratocaster, BOSS effects pedals have a long distinguished history."

"Having the Strat in Rock Band is gong to take the virtual world by storm and when it does, we'll be proud to have the BOSS name and pedals right there with it."

However, EA has yet to stamp a price tag on the peripherals, which were recently rumoured to total more than USD 300.

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