Fatal Inertia 360 in September

But PS3 version still TBC.

Koei has stamped a fresh release date of September on the Xbox 360 version of Fatal Inertia.

But the poor old used-to-be-exclusive PS3 copy is still lagging behind, and a spokesperson for Koei was coy when it came to suggesting a date. It's all down to that Unreal Engine 3, you see, which is apparently less fiddly when used with Microsoft's console.

The spokesperson also told us a Live demo is planned for sometime before launch, although the exact timing is yet to be confirmed.

Fatal Inertia is a futuristic racer that's not too dissimilar to WipEout; you drive a fast spaceship-car around canyons at ridiculous speeds and use bizarre weaponry to slow the progress of your chums.

It's been on the cards for a while, and we're keen to get our twiddly thumbs on a fresh playable version soon.

Head over to our Fatal Inertia gamepage to see all the news, screenshots and trailers.

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