Fashion Designer for DS

Wireless "design-offs" included.

Womensingames will be delighted to learn that 505 Games is preparing Fashion Designer: Style Icon for Nintendo DS. It's due out in November.

Described as a "comprehensive simulation", it puts you into the Jimmy Choos of a young designer at fashion training school, who gets to start a workshop and handle private design contracts, supply small boutiques or set up a mail-order company. When you get a bit good, you can even outfit the stars.

Naturally you'll use the stylus to create your own outfits, with a "freestyle" mode to go alongside all the mission-based Career bits. You'll also find unlockable patterns, fabrics, accessories and supermodels, and the option to take part in wireless "design-offs" with your friends.

It's all been put together by Strasbourg, France-based Creative Patterns, and you can see how they're getting on by peeking over the sewing machine's shoulder into the heart of our Fashion Designer: Style Icon screenshot gallery.

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