Eye of Judgement cards copied

Join us in prison.

The Eye of Judgement can scan fake cards produced by colour printers, as those of you with fraudulent tendencies have found out.

It comes off the back of Sony incorporating numerous anti-piracy measures like special inks into its card creation, presumably so it could make lots of money from booster packs and additional decks sold in shops.

However, keen-eyed Kotaku decided to try a copy of a card using a bog-standard printer and found that it behaved exactly as its paid-for counterpart. Whoops.

Booster Packs currently retail for around GBP 2.49 and additional decks sell for GBP 9.99. We are waiting to hear back from Sony about how it will go about sorting this all out.

The Eye of Judgement was released here last Friday and comes bundled with the PlayStation Eye for GBP 59.99. You use the new hardware to scan your fancy cards into the game and battle your opponents for control of a grid.

And while the arrival of counterfeit cards may give cheaters a much more juicy selection of units, it won't fundamentally break the game.

Pop over to our Eye of Judgement gamepage for more information.

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