EVE Online Fanfest dates revealed

Not quite so cold this year.

CCP has announced the dates for the sixth annual EVE Online Fanfest convention.

The meeting of space-MMO-addicted minds will take place in CCP's hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland at the slightly earlier juncture of 1st-3rd October.

"As always, Fanfest attendees will be treated to videos and announcements on the future of EVE and what players can expect in the upcoming expansions," said the developer. We'd expect Walking in Stations to rear its pretty head again.

We attended last year's November Fanfest and loved it - but the short days and freezing winds were a little bit much, even though we're told we got off lightly.

EVE Online is such a big deal to the tiny country that Icelandair flights into Reykjavik on Fanfest weekend sold out last year. Special Fanfest flight pricing is available now via the CCP announcement, so even though Fanfest tickets themselves are not yet available, you'd be advised to book.

The barren beauty of Iceland itself is well worth visiting, too, but we hope CCP will consider summer dates next year. Daylit nights would make the "Party at the Top of the World" moniker for Fanfest really ring true.

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