EVE elections: candidates announced

There's a Boris, but no Ken.

An EVE Online fan website has launched, announcing the full list of candidates for the game's forthcoming Council of Stellar Management elections.

The call for candidacy has now ended, and the thirty players seeking office have begun campaigning for the nine Council seats and five reserve seats available.

Candidates include BorisHotch ("I'll try my best to help improve the game for everyone"), Bane Glorious ("working to preserve EVE Online as a living ecosystem"), Dymetrie ("caring for bears since 2004") , Max Torps ("an average player, vigorous and fair"), and the hawkish Jade Constantine ("dynamism in space combat, watch outposts explode!").

Also standing is Vox Pop, a character created in the spirit of direct democracy: every EVE player will have a vote in how Vox Pop votes on the Council. An interesting concept, but we give it a couple of months before the power goes to Vox Pop's head.

The two-week voting process begins on 5th May. Once elected, the Council will travel to Iceland for meetings with developers CCP, who promise the elected players will take an active role in the future development of the game.

EVE Online is the first commercial MMO to fully engage with the democratic process, so we'll be watching the elections with interest. Look out for more in-depth coverage on the MMO channel soon.

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