EVE dev opens CCP Newcastle doors

Studio to research next generation tech.

The Newcastle office of EVE Online developer CCP has opened for business.

The studio will collaborate with CCP Asia to create console game DUST 514. Specifically, CCP Newcastle will look at ways to wring performance out of Unreal Engine 3.

Then, in the future, CCP Newcastle will begin researching technology for "the next generation of videogame consoles".

CCP Newcastle has been founded by key members of what was once Midway Newcastle - the team responsible for The Wheelman and, further back, Test Drive.

"The North East has a distinguished heritage of game development, an experienced console-development talent pool and local universities producing exceptional graduates. We have been able to assemble a world-class team of console developers with unparalleled Unreal Engine expertise and integrate them with CCP’s global organisation," commented CCP Newcastle's Richard Smith.

CCP Newcastle is recruiting.

DUST 514 is in development for PS3 and Xbox 360 and aims to link together with the EVE Online universe. Check it out in the vid below.

First DUST 514 trailer

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