Europe to get 80GB PlayStation 3

Sony expected to announce it tonight.

Sony boss David Reeves is expected to unveil the 80GB PlayStation 3 for Europe tonight, reports.

Sources say Reeves will confirm its existence at an E3 press event in LA, with a release period of sometime this September. This is the same date the 80GB PS3 model will become standard in the US.

The larger console is expected to cost the same as the 40GB unit in Europe, which currently sells for GBP 299.99.

Sony announced at its E3 press conference that this would be the case in the US, and that the 40GB model would be discontinued and cut in price until stock ran out.

Last October Sony stopped making the 60GB PS3 for Europe, leaving the 40GB model as the only option.

The 80GB model will have exactly the same functionality as the 40GB unit, in case you were wondering - no sneaky backwards compatibility features being reinstated here.

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