Podcast #7

Ubi DRM and the next next generation. Special guest: Kristan Reed!

Now this is happening! Again! It's time for the seventh instalment of the Podcast. We'll stop counting when you run out of fingers.

Tom Champion is your host, and this week he is joined by former editor Kristan Reed, current editor Tom Bramwell, and our beloved Dan Pearson.

As ever, you can download the Podcast as an MP3, stream it below or grab it on iTunes. Here's an RSS link:

Once again the podcast is dominated - almost to the exclusion of bad jokes - by cutting, well-researched games industry debate, as we discuss both sides of issues such as Ubisoft's popular new PC DRM solution.

We also riff on / steal your forum themes, and in this week's Q&A section we get tough about the next next generation of consoles and the causes of the next next generation of consoles, among other things.

Plus, the gang also talks about what we've been playing, except for Brammers, who realised he was breaking an embargo halfway through and made long-suffering sound engineer Scott Mackintosh go back and bleep him out.

That's twice in seven podcasts that's happened. Nearly 30 per cent of the time the editor of the site is too stupid to check whether he can say what he's saying. You win!

Oh, and we've got another game giveaway. We can barely mask our contempt either.

Background reading!

The Podcast is published at 3pm GMT every Tuesday. Join us next week for more intense, cutting, incisive, searing, penetrating debate about the issues that matter to you, interspersed with nonsense. Or vice versa.

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