Podcast #22

Hello Games' Sean Murray tells us about building Joe Danger. Plus: unicorns!

Hello and welcome to the Podcast #22, also known as The One Where I Forget To Introduce Myself At The Start.

It turns out that doesn't matter though, because deputy editor Ellie Gibson and Hello Games' managing director Sean Murray are with me to discuss Joe Danger and other exciting stuff.

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Joe Danger, of course, is out for PlayStation 3 through PSN today in the US and tomorrow in the UK - for 9.99 / $14.99 - and we've just given it 8/10 and told people, "If you like videogames, basically, you ought to like this." That's about as direct as we get.

We talk a bit about how Joe Danger plays, we also talk about what Sean's been playing (Hydorah, for instance), and Ellie is allowed to mention FarmVille once before we boot her off the show.

It's also been a good week for new game announcements, so we talk a bit about Red Faction: Armageddon, Gears of Harry Potter and inFamous 2, and amazingly there is also time to contemplate Kim Kardashian as a possible future Lara Croft. Funny that.

Then it's onto a big old Q&A with Sean Murray about developing Joe Danger. Sean and his friends David, Ryan and Grant have spent the best part of two years in a room drinking 16 cups of tea each and programming 2D stunt bike racer Joe Danger from the ground up.

With help from your questions we talk a bit about the difficulties of dealing with big publishers, the challenge of getting four passionate people to agree on anything, and how it feels now the blasted thing is finished.

Finally, there is just enough time for us to discuss a forum thread about cruelty to animals. For some reason.

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