Podcast #19

Split/Second! Mario Galaxy 2! The boss!

The Podcast is back! Not that this is too surprising, because we are into our 19th week publishing it at exactly the same time - but it is exciting.

That's because regular host Tom Champion was off this week, so editor Tom Bramwell stepped into the breach, ably assisted by reviews editor Oli Welsh and Eurogamer Network final boss Rupert Loman, making his podcast debut.

Stream the Podcast:

It's been a busy gaming week in the Eurogamer offices, so we're able to tell you about Super Mario Galaxy 2 (it's amazing), Split/Second: Velocity (it may well be amazing) and nobody at any point mentions FIFA or World Cup.

News-wise, EA Sports' contentious decision to bundle its multiplayer components into an "Online Pass" - free with new games, $10 to second-hand buyers - is up for debate, and we also discuss Project Natal's forthcoming Cirque du Soleil irrelevaganza at E3, and debate who now at Activision is not working on a Call of Duty game.

With managing director Rupert in the house, we also ask a lot of unreasonable questions that we didn't brief him about beforehand - nailing that m*****-f***** on topics including the Eurogamer Expo, pay-rises, and why he isn't a pro gamer despite a strong start.

He also said something sort of libellous about somebody. Amazing scenes!

Background reading!

Join us next week to see if we can get away with interviewing ourselves about ourselves as a special feature again. Probably not. Also: the return of Tom Champion!

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