Eurogamer launches Videos channel

Daily captured gameplay footage, new player technology, dedicated destination.

Today we're really happy to take the wraps off our redesigned Eurogamer Videos channel and unveil some of the behind-the-scenes changes we've been working on to bring you more and better video content than ever before.

The new Videos channel - accessible at - replaces our old Eurogamer TV sub-site and provides immediate playable access to video content. We'll update the four main boxes there with our current favourites and all you need to do to play them back is click on them - they'll play right there on the Videos channel.

Scroll down and you will also see up to date lists of the latest content that we have produced internally and that we have received from publishers - like this exclusive look behind the scenes at indie title Frozen Synapse.

The Videos channel also allows you to access content by type - there's Johnny Minkley and James Hills' marvellous Eurogamer TV Show archive, Trailers and Developer Diaries from publishers, the mighty Digital Foundry's ongoing output and a new home for Gameplay Capture.

We're investing in technology and personnel so we can keep up a daily stream of new captured gameplay footage focusing on new releases. This week we've got Super Street Fighter IV, 2010 FIFA World Cup and Prince of Persia, with Alan Wake, Halo: Reach and Lost Planet 2 following soon. Check out the Gameplay Capture page for the stuff we've already posted.

Over time we'll expand our Gameplay Capture output to include titles you particularly want to see, along with community-orientated content more along the lines of the Podcast. And yes - video episodes of the Podcast are not beyond the realms of possibility later this year.

What's more, we liked the Videos channel expand-o-video player (or the "quad player" as the techs call it) so much that we've popped it on the homepage too. Scroll down beyond the features and news and you can play back the latest videos without leaving the page.

Regular readers will also notice changes to our dedicated video player itself. You still get the best quality HD videos, but we've made 100 per cent sure you can comment without your video being interrupted and made other helpful tweaks. It's all homed within environs for easier navigation.

Speaking of navigation, we've taken this opportunity to play around with the site's left-hand link bar too, trimming and condensing a bit so that it's easier to get around wherever you happen to end up.

Anyway, give it all a go and let us know what you think. And if you're still a bit resistant to video, don't worry - we're doing all this in addition to our regular written feature output, which will also increase this year, so if you prefer to read rather than watch, we've still got your back.

We also plan to sort out a few other areas of the site, so if you have a particular obsession (we hear you forumites!) then don't worry, we'll be all over it as soon as we can. Thanks everyone!

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