Euro Bomberman Land date iffy

Konami yet to confirm.

Konami has warned us that no European release for its Bomberman Land games has yet been confirmed.

In direct contrast to its US plans, then, where Bomberman Land for Wii and PSP will be out on 29th January, alongside DS sequel Bomberman Land Touch! 2.

However, all is far from rosy, as these Land games are a left a little afloat on the creative direction sea, presented as a mash of RPG island exploration where you tackle mini-games to complete quests and save the day. Classic Bomberman is in there, but restricted to only local multiplayer.

Unfortunately all this fluff marred the first DS Land Touch! outing last March, obstructing the treasured and fondly remembered gameplay most of us still hanker after.

Bomb your way to our Bomberman Land Touch! review to find out more.

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