Battlefront coming to DS and PSP?

ESRB website seems to suggest so.

The ESRB has outed another Star Wars Battlefront game, this time for DS and PSP.

Subtitled Elite Squadron, the listings (spotted by Kotaku) describes two subtly different titles.

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron on PSP is third-person action, for instance, whereas the DS version is action adventure. The DS blurb makes no mention of troop building or upgrading, which will apparently feature on PSP.

The PSP has hosted Star Wars Battlefront before, of course - most recently Renegade Squadron, which had great ideas and all the potential in the world, but lacked significant depth and longevity.

Star Wars: Battlefront III was thought to be in development at Haze maker Free Radical Design for PC, PS3 and 360. Free Radical entered administration last December, the collateral of which saw supposed footage of Battlefront III leak onto the internet.

British developer Rebellion is supposedly picking up the pieces, although the company is currently hard at work making Aliens vs. Predator for SEGA.

Maybe we'll see something Battlefront-related at E3 next week.

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