Empire Earth III in autumn

World domination awaits, again.

Thanks to Vivendi we'll be able to rule the world again, as the company has announced the next instalment in the PC RTS series Empire Earth, due for release this autumn.

This third outing, developed by Mad Doc Software, will once again charge you with expanding one empire across the entire globe, starting in the distant past and progressing into the uncharted future, gobbling up anyone who stands in your way.

"Empire Earth III will take the series to the next level with its ability to capture the entire scope of the globe and give it to the hands of the player," said Cindy Cook, chief strategy and marketing officer for Vivendi Games.

The second and most recent game in the series was a solid strategy experience with few surprises and little to object too, leaving us to hope Mad Doc can pull out the creative stops with this time around. You can find our review elsewhere on the site, as well as a solitary screenshot for Empire Earth III.

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