Empire Earth III demo today

Live any minute now.

Those of you eagerly awaiting Empire Earth III will be able to taste a mouthful of gameplay in a new demo today.

Simply pop over to the website and then sit there patiently; the links are still greyed out like in that film Pleasantville, you see, and we expect they won't turn into colour until the US wakes up a bit later today.

Empire Earth is a real-time strategy series from Mad Doc software that has come off worst in sales wars against titles Age of Empires and Rise of Nations in the past.

But the developer has acknowledged it was probably a bit fiddly and complicated and sought to rectify it all by overhauling the entire thing.

The biggest new addition is a world-domination game mode like you have seen in things like Total War - complete with settlement management, and it is also a much simpler and more accessible affair this time around.

It left us with a very positive feeling when we went to see it in October. Pop over to our Empire Earth III preview to find out more.

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