Eidos quiet on talk of Thief 4

Job posting suggests sequel is coming.

Eidos has declined to comment on speculation there is to be a fourth instalment in the Thief series.

The Internet started talking after Eidos Montreal began recruiting for a "2nd AAA project" that begins with the letter T.

Studio boss Stephane D'Astous then used the slashed T from the Thief logo as his Facebook profile picture, according to VG247, although that seems to have since been removed.

Eidos Montreal is currently working on Deus Ex 3, and its website states that its first two projects will "revive successful franchises". Both Deus Ex and Thief were created by Ion Storm.

Thief is a stealth-action title set in a gritty world that's a cross between the late middle ages and Victorian eras. It sees players creeping around and killing people by using their environment to cloak their approach and dump bodies down sewer hatches.

The most recent game in the series was Thief: Deadly Shadows from 2004, which was really rather good. Go back in time to our review to find out why.

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