Eidos quiet on new Deus Ex

A case of Chinese whispers?

The boss of Eidos' new Montreal Studio recently sparked rumours that a new Deus Ex is in development.

Patrick Melchior told French-language television station MusiquePlus (translated by IGN) that his "first mission" was to revitalise the fantastic action role-playing game series. But he wouldn't say anything more than that.

However, Eidos had nothing to say about the rumours this morning, and pointed out that it was still very early days for the Montreal team, which was obviously preoccupied with hiring and setting-up an operational studio.

So is it just a case of Internet Chinese whispers? After all, most of Eidos' other well-known developers are still around, so it could be another example of putting one and one together and making three.

But we hope not, as Deus Ex was one of the finest games to grace the PC, setting new benchmarks in the RPG genre. Which was probably why Eurogamer gave it the highest mark possible back in 2000.

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