EGTV: UT3 deathmatch action

Watch us kill each other.

Sorry, but we have to say it once more: it's been an exceptionally strong year for first-person shooters. Console and PC gamers remain spoilt for choice - and if there's a unifying thread linking the strongest practitioners of the aim-and-fire method in 2007, it's ambition. The narrative ambition of Bioshock; the technical ambition of Crysis; the overwhelming generosity of ambition in Orange Box.

Unreal Tournament 3, in contrast, is rather more straightforward in its ambition: to provide the most satisfying shoot-the-shit-out-of-everyone experience on the market. And it realises this ambition in some style, scoring an impressive eight of of ten in its review, Jim commenting: "If you've an ounce of competitive deathmatching in you it's difficult not to click into the zone and start pumping out flak and rockets."

Well, European frag-fans can click into the zone themselves from today. And to celebrate, Eurogamer TV has a trio of direct-feed gameplay clips of our own sharpest-shooters in action. is hosting classic capture-the-flag action, also showing off a bunch of the controllable vehicles you can get your hands on. is showing the Arsenal level, a violent ego-trip from our video man James, since it "shows me killing Dan a few times", with weapons like the Flak Canon and Plasma Gun. Such cameraderie!

Finally,'s video instalment is a level called Biohazard, a typically-industrial warzone, sprinkled with snow and ice. The Rocket Launcher and dual-wield Enforcer pistols star.

UT3 is out on PC today, with PS3 and 360 versions following in 2008.

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