EGTV: The TF2 Heavy

Look at the big guns.

Yesterday Eurogamer TV showed you what playing Team Fortress 2 as an Engineer would feel like: building turrets, fixing and upgrading machines, or shooting people in their silly faces with your shotgun.

Today we want to show you the Heavy. He is the big, slow and destructive type, mowing down anyone brainless to walk out in front of his enormous mini-gun. And he's good in a pinch, too - resorting to anvil-like fists when things get up close and personal.

Our captured footage shows you the Dustbowl and Well maps in action, both scenarios where you will have to take or defend capture points. And, as we hope you see in the footage, coupling a Heavy with a Medic can lead to a devastating and indestructible rampage.

It is just one of many sumptuous slices to come from Valve's lovingly created Team Fortress 2 pie, which is stuffed with character, charm, and instantly addictive gameplay. Probably why we very nearly gave it top marks in our review, then.

So, pop over to Eurogamer TV for the latest, and not the last, look at Team Fortress 2, due out in shops on 360 and PC next Friday, or two days earlier on Steam.

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