EGTV: Exclusive Assassin's vids

Pick a pocket or two.

Direct your gaze Eurogamer TV-wards now for an exclusive Assassin's Creed video triple-bill, sneaking out ahead of this Friday's Euro release.

Three mission types are highlighted in the footage, spread across the Eurogamer Empire. Over on, there's a clip showing off the pickpocketing mechanic, and also Altair getting rather handy with his fists.

On, meanwhile, the hooded protagonist hunts down a wily informant by skipping across the adventure playground-like environments like a frustrated acrobat.

And finally, on our very own Eurogamer TV, we see Altair scaling the dizzy heights of one of the city's tallest towers, before following and bumping off a hapless goon in brutal fashion.

It certainly looks the business, but does it deliver on the promise? Check back for our review, very, very soon.

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