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NAVY FIELD falls under the genre of a Massively Multi Player Online Navel Tactics game, the game was developed by the SD Enternet team of out Korea.

When I first heard about this title I was thought this game would be along the lines of online battleships, what I have later found out is that Navy Field is probably one of the most addictive and realistic WWII navel games I have played.

NF immerses you in the WWII, the whole game is centered on four nations: the US, British, Japan and Germany. Each nation has its own strengths and weaknesses:

US: + Best Aircraft carriers + Best all round ship + Best Anti Air Units

UK: + Best Amour + Best damage per shell - Most expensive amour - Low gun range

Japan: + Torpedoes are their specialty + Best variety of Aircraft Carriers + Good gunners - Worse Amour

Germany: + Great AA Guns + Best range + Best gunners - Low gun range

The game boasts 95 different types of warships from Frigates, Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Battleships all the way up to Aircraft Carriers. Each ship has been taken from real WWII ship models adding that touch of authenticity, see how the actual naval guns, torpedo launchers, Fire Control Systems, and engines looked were used and operated.

When you first log into the game you arrive at the Busan (Korea) ship yard, it doesn’t take long to realize you need to purchase your first ship a Frigate 01. Once you have purchased your ship you need to obtain some crew to man it.

Once you have purchased your crew you place them on the boat then you need to outfit the boat with guns, FCS (fire control system) and an engine. When you first start out you have the option of using auto aiming or manual. When I first got into the game I took auto, as I wanted to familiarize myself with the game and see what I was doing. Once my crew, guns, engine and FCS were on board I clicked on the arrow and away I went.

I was now in the battle staging area; still in the “new player area” I had the option of joining some training missions. These are designed to allow new players a chance to get used to operating the ship playing against AI rather than another human. I entered the room clicked “Tab” (ready) and the battle started.

The controls are relatively easy to use the right mouse button told my ship where to go, press the F key down and you start to move forward. The left mouse button controls your gun turrets click on the screen and you notice your turrets rotate, press the space bar and a volley of round fire from your guns. In no time at all you hear “Enemy ship spotted” on the mini map I saw a red dot appear and in the shadow ahead I could see the enemy boat approaching, I turned my boat on a heading to broadside the ship and started firing. To be fair the AI wasn’t great I was able to take down the two ships with relative ease but it gave me a chance to get used to the controls.

Once the battle is over a summery page loads showing you the amount of damage you dealt and took and experience is given across your sailors. Like most online games experience is vital to your crew gaining level, with each new level your crew’s ability increases, which enables you to obtain better guns and ships. The more damage you do the greater the exp you earn.

It wasn’t long before I felt I could fight against real players, so I entered a room titled “FF DD” later I found that this stood for Frigates and Destroyers. The rooms are broken down into two teams Alpha and Bravo, as people enter then either join A or B, once about 12 people were in the “master” (the guy who created the room) closed the room and balanced out the ships and we were away.

Same as before I made a bee line towards the enemy boats and started opening up, I soon noticed that my shells were not hitting all the time while other people seemed to be scoring direct hits. As you can image I didn’t last long but it left me with a thirst to get back into another game and try again. Once my crew had reached level 12 I was able to then choose a national ship rather than the little tub I already had.

This was decision time; living in the UK I decided to go down the UK route. I converted my sailor to a Bridge Operator and went to the UK Harbor, once there I brought myself an L Class Destroyer and away I went. I soon noticed I was still missing most of the time and asked people why my accuracy was so poor. They explained I was still using the Auto aiming and needed to consider manual aiming. At first this felt daunting and being honest at first it is a little complicated

Space Fire Gun or Torpedo W Gun Elevation Up S Gun Elevation Down A Port the Turret D Starboard the Turret Q Starboard the All Turrets E Port the All Turrets F Engine Accelerate V Engine Decelerate

It only took 5-6 games before I was confident enough, I noticed my accuracy shoot up and with that I was earning more experience and my sailors levels were increasing quicker.

Soon I left the comforts on the new player area in search of a bigger battle; I soon joined an All Welcome room. In here I found pretty much every class of ship from every nation, Frigates, Destroyers, Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Battleships and Aircraft Carrier each one drawn with great detail setting the scene for a great battle.

Once the battle started I got a sense as to why I enjoy playing Navy Field so much, rather than every man for themselves in these big battles it became clear from the start that each team must work together to stand a greater chance of winning.

You watch as the Japanese Torpedo boats take the front line trying to launch their deadly payload towards the enemy. All of a sudden you see friendly fighters fly overhead followed by a couple of waves of bombers in search of the enemy carriers. You watch as you see the friendly fighters engage the enemy scouts and bombers taking them down before they can comprise the battleships and Aircraft carrier locations, then you watch on helplessly as a Heavy Cruiser falls foul to a payload of bombs being dropped from above. Your leading our attack when out of the blue, a guy off to your port side, slips too close and in range of an enemy battleship and before he gets time to maneuver he’s sunk proving the devastating and awesome firepower a battleship has.

The game to me is very addictive, when you see all the different classes of ships all I wanted to do is play again so I can advance up the ship tree to the next level. What I also love is the attention to detail each ship has been created to look like the real WWII vessel, which really helps to immerse you into the WWII experience. Although you might experience better graphics and sound quality in other games, nothing beats the sound of a UK Battleship firing off a full broadside of 15’’ shells, I remember having my headset on, volume high and the first time I heard it, I was almost blown out of my seat, it just makes you realize you don’t want to be on the receiving end of those shells.

The great thing about this game is the fact you don’t have to pay till you reach level 30, it’s almost a try before you buy situation. You get all the game features that you would if you are a paying customer but you don’t have to spend a penny till you reach 30.

Once you reach level 30 you have two options a regular account $7.99 per month or a premium account $11.99 per month. The advantage of taking premium means your sailors earn an extra 1000 exp and credits per battle. You also have the options buy purchased special premium ships, Premium sailors that increase the overall crew ability and veterans sailors again these help to improve your crews ability

Summing up this maybe advanced battleship online but SD Enternet have taken that concept and turned it on its head. Navy Field is the most comprehensive, additive and realistic WWII simulation game I’ve played and I would recommend anyone who has a passion for ships, WWII or even online tactics games to take a look. You will not be disappointed.

Gameplay: 8.5 Good variety of game modes, whether you want a battle for your particular class of ship or want to join an All Welcome room the choice is there.

Graphics: 5.5 The game does not have the best graphics in the world but it makes up for it with realism. Each boat in game is modeled on real WWII vessels

Sound: 7.5 Sounds from the guns are realistic 18’’ shells sound like 18’’ shells when fired, the game has some great background tracks when you enter the harbor and game modes. Music can be switched off using F9 but no volume control.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium In-game AI is not great in training missions its very easy to win, when playing against human players it does not more difficult sometimes you can leave a better and not earn any/much experience. This can prove to be very frustrating

Concept: 8.7 Great idea, first game of its kind I have come across. Lots of game modes, variety in ships and guns proven to be very addictive

Multiplayer: 8.5 This is a really solid element, with players who know what they are doing, for the most part. You have to think fast, work as a team if you want to win

Overall: 8.7 Whether you’re a WWII fanatic or enjoy online simulation games, Navy Field combines a blend of simple graphics and controls mixed with great sound and attention to detail makes this a very addictive and playable game. Well worth checking out

9 / 10

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