Resident Evil 4 Reader Review

For many the game cube version is better. Graphic quality in lighting, loading and real time cut-scenes mean just a prettier run through of this fantastic new survival horror. With more extra's than you can shake a stick at, why bother with the PS2 version!?

First of all, you get all the same extra's of the GC version offers. And more :p Not only do you get 4 hours of bonus game play (in mini game Seperate Ways where you play Ada Wong and her story parralel to Leon's story), you also get an extra costume for Ashley which I would say is worth it for the extra loading time. Because her extra outfit means people can't pick her up easily, nor can you shoot her easily. That's right, she's got a huge suit of armour.

The game not only has fantastic game play and re-playability it also has a beautiful and yet cheesy storyline to keep you going. Yeah, a good story line. I could do without some of the cheesy lines the characters give off between Leon and his enemies but the general idea is fantastic.

There is a certain lack of "zombies" in a game famous for its zombie prequals, however I am glad. The prior games has slow boring zombies who took ages to come near yet, let alone use their rotting dead brain. The AI has certainly improved in this game and not only do your enemies open doors to get to you, they climb over fences and help each other get to you. This I found pleasing, for once a game that challenged.

Although you wont be sat in the dark shivering from any scaries in this game, there are some grotesque things to keep with the horror genre. One particular enemy who gave me the chills is a very tall giggling/whimpering thing that is covered in black bandages and sometimes emits spikes from its body. I didn't like it because I had to use infra red view to hit the leeches inside of it. You couldn't just shoot away and hope for the best! Yeah, there is strategy involved.

Also general gameplay is good, the controls are fantastic and sometimes you can die just by not pressing a combo of buttons in the split second you are given. The one thing that most commen gamers will enjoy is the "continue" support where if you do enter a part of the game that required quick button pressing in a certain order and you fail, you can start off right from that section instead of heading all the way to the start. Which is nice!!

The main game gave me around 10-12 hours gameplay, not a speed run mind you but I don't think I got everything avaliable to me. Once you complete the game once your title screen changes and you are offered a large amount of extra's which is pleasing. Survival horrors are pretty famous for their replayability however Resident Evil 4 really shows it stuff. The playstation2 version more so.

Now I really want to give this a perfect score but the fact that there are no real-time scenes used in the ps2 version (meaning if you change costumes, all cut scenes will be in the original costumes not your new one, like the game cube version) and not slow loading but enougth to make me look off the screen and at the clock to check how long I've been gaming for reduces the change of a perfect score.

The game is fantastic and probably one of the best surival horror's you'll play. Well.. untill Project Zero 3 I suppose, because that game is actually scarry.

So 9/10 for Resident Evil 4. Thanks for remembering that when I pay this much for a game I want to get more than one play-through from it!

9 / 10

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