Alien Hominid Reader Review

Alien Hominid started out as a flash game from a dirty website, called 'Newgrounds' where people put flash games on the site, and win cash. Now, ZOO Digital has made a new, console game, that has a copyright from the creator of Alien Hominid PC flash game and Newgrounds.

This is a good idea, as some people have slow-running computers, that pop-ups come up at every three seconds, and can't even play games on the net, so they cannot play Alien Hominid's flash game. Now that I am talking too much at the flash game, let's see how the PS2 version works.

Well, as everybody says, this is a Metal Slug clone - pick up the nearest vehicles, shoot your way, slice FBI agents that there is no tommorow. It is VERY simple, and just like Metal Slug itself.

So, if a guy says to you 'How many enemies has this game got?' Do not answer, because all that shooting may let you go crazy.

You are able new abilties such as rolling, charging your gun for more powerful blasts, stick a FBI agent in the underground and do head biting actions.

Minigames include a PDA Editor, which is fun, and a bunch more, such as a classic rocket game that includes the word 'PWNED' and a funny 'All You Can Eat' minigame, that is for button bashing experts. You are also able to give your hominid a name, a hat and some style. There is CO-OP Play as well.

Overall, this is a Metal Slug clone, which is slightly better, and a rent/buy for everybody. Great game, too easy.

7 / 10


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