12345678911234567892123456789312345678941234567895123456789612345678971234567898 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Metro 2033 guide: Achievements, Enlightenment, and Directions I. Introduction II. The Walkthrough II*0. ---Prologue--- 0.1 Prologue 0.2 Hunter II*1. ---Chapter One--- 1.1 Exhibition Station 1.2 Chase II*2. ---Chapter Two--- 2.1 Riga 2.2 Lost Tunnel 2.3 Bridge 2.4 Lost Catacombs 2.5 Market Station 2.6 Dead City 1 2.7 Dead City 2 II*3. ---Chapter Three--- 3.1 Dry 3.2 Ghosts 3.3 Anomaly 3.4 Cursed 3.5 Armory II*4. ---Chapter Four--- 4.1 Front Line 4.2 Trolley Combat 4.3 Depot 4.4 Defense 4.5 Child 4.6 Outpost 4.7 Black Station II*5. ---Chapter Five--- 5.1 Polis 5.2 Alley 5.3 Library 5.4 Depository 5.5 Archives 5.6 Driving to Sparta II*6 ---Chapter 6--- 6.1 Dark Star 6.2 Dungeon 6.3 Cave 6.4 D6 6.5 Biomass 6.6 Separation II*7 --- Chapter 7--- 7.1 Tower 7.2 Top 7.3 Ethereal III. Achievements III*1. Kill and Weapon Achievements III*2. Mission-specific Achievements III*3. General Achievements IV. Notes and thoughts IV*1. Stealth IV*2. Pneumatic weapons IV*3. Explosives IV*4. Notes on ammo frequency V. Credits and Legal Stuff _________________________________________________________________________ I. Introduction _________________________________________________________________________ This is a brief walkthrough designed to improve on some issues with the existing ones and to put all of the information in one place. It will not go into great detail on strategy or how to use equipment, though there are some guides at the end. The objective is to provide information on how to get all of the achievements in one place in game progression. The walkthrough assumes that you're familiar with basic game mechanics, but I'll go over a few really important fundamentals as they come up. To get the "good" ending, you have to find most of the enlightening moments in the game. I'm marking these as "(**FLASH POINT**)." For simplicity, I'm referring to the "gold" bullets that the game uses for money as Military Grade Bullets (MGB). The total MGB in a section does not include any trading, just MGBs found. You can get the "bad" ending easily if you qualify for the "good" ending, so if you want both achievements you only have to play the game once then reload at the very end. I won't cover every single weapon found in the game, just the unusual ones or ones that I plan to use. Most dropped weapons can be looted for ammo, though, so be sure to clean up. To search this guide, search for roman numeral-asterisk-arabic numeral for subchapters. For example, searching for IV*4 will bring up this section and the notes on ammo frequency. For the walkthrough itself, search for the subchapter in brackets. For example, searching for [6.6] will take you to the section on the last part of Chapter 6, Separation. This was written for the PC version of the game. It should apply to other versions, though obviously any comments about controls are irrelevant. _________________________________________________________________________ II. The Walkthrough _________________________________________________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- II*0. ---Prologue----------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total MGB in chapter: 0 Total FLASH POINT in chapter: 5 [0.1] ___Prologue___ There are no achievements in this section per se, just follow Miller's instructions. You can start work on two achievements here if you use weapons other than the assault rifle. ---COWBOY--- 30 kills with the revolver ---SLICE & DICE--- 20 kills with the combat knife Note that this is "30 in one playthrough" not "30 total." You can't play through the game 30 times and kill one enemy with the knife each time to get the achievement. Health in the game exists in two forms. One is your physical health, which isn't directly displayed. You can get a sense of how injured you are from a red pulse tinge on the screen. Health regenerates fairly quickly, and you can use a medkit to restore it to full. The medkits also give a temporary bonus to the regen rate, and they're very useful in long drawn out fights but pointless against small numbers of enemies. The other form of health is the durability of your gas mask, indicated by the number of cracks in the mask itself. If it shatters and you're in an area where you need it, you will die in about 30 seconds. The only way to restore it is to find another one and replace it. Don't worry about wasting ammunition or supplies, you won't keep them anyway. Killing targets will help towards one other achievement, but it's an achievement that's difficult to avoid getting so don't worry about it. ---NOSALIS HUNTER--- 30 Nosalis kills. You'll get another really easy achievement. ---FIRST BLOOD--- kill a Nosalis in the prologue. It's not clear exactly what triggers the Explorer achievement, but following this guide should cover it and I won't explicitly discuss it further. ---EXPLORER--- Find all the hidden places in the Metro Total MGB in section: 0 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ___ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [0.2] ___Hunter___ You can start work on one of the most frustrating achievements now: ---METRO DWELLER--- Interact with people These may be pieces of Metro Dweller, starting from the first room. For some, press the action key (default "e") and in some cases just stand in their face until they respond. It's not clear if you have to listen to the whole speech, but I assume that it's necessary. This achievement is not simple to get, because there isn't a clear objective or confirmation of progress. Many of these are associated with the flash points. |Man on wood pile outside of first room (asleep, no response) |Two men sitting on crates just down the hall from the sleeping man |Open room with a sleeping man across from the two men |Standing man reading just to the left of the open room |Two doors behind the reading man (no response) |Door across from the reading man (no response) |Alex and a man in a lab coat standing in the hallway talking |To the left of Alex, behind some barrels, a door (no response) |To the right of Alex, a door near a number 32 on the wall (response) |The man Alex was talking to |Up the stairs, a man who waves to you and talks about patrols |The same man, after he sits down (**FLASH POINT**) |People waiting in line outside the hospital |Guard at the front of the line outside the hospital (**FLASH POINT**) |Man who opens the hospital door for you, after he sits (**FLASH POINT**) |Doctor in the hospital, after he sits down |Under the white light behind the doctor (**FLASH POINT**) |In the covered area behind the doctor, the moaning injured |Babbling man sitting on the right after you go through the door Go through the second door in the hospital, and Hunter will show up. After a chat, he'll give you a postcard, which is worth a **FLASH POINT**. After the chat, there is a scene. The weapon they tell you to grab is in a wall cabinet. Just follow Alex. There's a basic revolver and 33 pistol bullets (27+6 in the gun). There are four grates in the room above head height in the four corners. Nosalises will come from the central grate and from the four corner grates. If you can shoot the Nosalises before they break the four corner grates, you will get an achievement. ---QUICK DRAW--- Prevent the Nosalises from getting through the grates This achievement is fairly difficult to get, since the nosalises don't always come in the same places. Just keep reloading the last checkpoint until you get it and don't be stingy with the ammunition. Once you've got the achievement, reload one last time and play the scene again being conservative on ammo. Since you have some fire support, you may want to stick to using the knife and save your ammunition for other things. Total MGB in section: 0 Total FLASH POINT in section: 5 ___ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- II*1. ---Chapter One-------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1.1] ___Exhibition Station___ You grab +10 MGB, 12 pistol rounds, and your journal at the start. Before you start feeling rich and going on a spending spree, there's an achievement to keep in mind: ---SCROOGE--- Save 500 military-grade rounds You may have to exchange some of your normal ammunition to get the achievement, so don't waste any ammunition at all if you can help it. The knife is your friend. There are two basic kinds of shops in the game: ammo exchanges and "weapons" shops where you can trade in weapons or buy other basic supplies. There are very few things in the game that are actually worth buying, and nothing in the first station. There are two achievements related to shopping. ---METRO TRADER--- Buy 10 items (other than bullets) in shops ---WHEELER-DEALER--- Use 500 MGB to buy other bullets It's generally better to wait until much later in the game to attempt these, so don't worry about them yet. There are a lot more pieces to Metro Dweller to work on here: |Guitar in your room (**FLASH POINT**) |Guard to the left outside the room |Two men talking about a recording (room 03) |Man being chewed out by his wife (room 04) |Man talking to his son |Balalaika (the stringed instrument) next to the son (**FLASH POINT**) |Two men talking in room 06 |Two women talking across from room 06 talking about cooking |Knock on door 07 |Guy on door 08 |Knock on door 09 (3 MGBs in a pot on a crate outside the door) |Knock on door 10 (no response) |Two men outside room 10 |Man in room, door that the white arrow is pointing at |Woman cleaning the floor |Up the stairs, man talking to his son |The prisoner, then the guard, then the prisoner again |Man at the end of the bench closest to the stairs up that are guarded |Next man down the bench, sitting next to his wife and a stuffed.. thing. | Give the man the bullets for a (**FLASH POINT**) | If you refuse, you effectively lose a flash point. |The last man on the bench, past the wife. |Guy selling helmets |Hooded man to the right of the guy selling helmets |Two men at a table across from the weapons shop |Woman selling meat |Man sitting in front of a fire |Soldier facing his wife and son |Hooded man sitting in front of the exchange kiosk (no response) |Two men at a table to the left of the hooded man. |Man facing the room to the left of the hooded man. |Man being chewed out by his mother to the left of him. |Man in the archway |Guard in the lit area past the archway |Guy with the headlamp in the doorway (the same one that woke you up) |Guards in the hallway outside the armory under the incandescent lamp The man at the bench with his wife who asks for bullets is part of a separate achievement: ---GENEROUS--- Give money to a couple of people. Talk to the guy in the armory for some basic gear: a basic SMG, 100 5.45 bullets for the SMG, a charger, a gas mask, and some med kits. The charger is fairly simple to use: just bring it out by holding the flashlight key and click rapidly. You can try out the SMG at the firing range without using real bullets. Once you have the gun, your friend with the headlamp will let you pass. More Dweller: |Three men by the teapot campfire |Guitar playing man (no response, 5 MGB in the hat) | If you take the bullets, you lose a flash point. |Guard outside the office behind the guitar man |Talk to Alex in his office (**FLASH POINT**) |Older blond man at the table past the door into the pig room |Man looking at a pig (2 MGB on a low shelf behind him) |Man in the archway, under the light |Tattooed man past the archway guarding a pig At the far end of the hall is the guy you'll be going with, but there is one other "completionist" achievement to work on. This one is also obnoxious, since it requires that you find 100%: ---SHERLOCK--- Find all the MGBs in the metro stations There are 4 MGB locations in this area, for a total of 20 MGB. To get all of them, you will have to steal from the guitar player and lose a flash point. We should be getting plenty of flash points, so don't worry about it. |10 at the starting cutscene |3 in a pot outside door 09 |5 in a hat near the guy playing guitar |2 on the shelf in the pig room Talk to the man at the end of the tunnel once you have everything and are ready to go. Total MGB in section: 20 Total FLASH POINT in section: 4 (-2) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1.2] ___Chase___ This section is just a rail car ride. Not much to do but fight the inevitable enemies. During the fight, your friend will hand you a Duplet, a double-barrel shotgun. You can use it to work on the following achievement: ---OLD SCHOOL--- 30 kills with the Duplet Once you get knocked off, run up the tunnel to complete the mission. Total MGB in section: 0 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ___ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- II*2. ---Chapter Two------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [2.1] ___Riga___ More station time, which means more Dweller. There's a scene, and the caravan guy hands over 30 MGBs |Talk to your companions again after the scene |Talk to the group of men at the table near the bar |Talk to the man sitting at a table with a woman (1 MGB on a table nearby) |Talk to the bartender |Play the piano (There is 1 MGB in the sink the piano is facing) Walk down the stairs. There's a beggar just to the left of the stairs (give him a MGB for a **FLASH POINT**) This beggar is part of the Generous achievement. Once you get it, don't bother with the beggars. The last part of the Generous achievement is the kid in the helmet to the right of the stairs. If you pay him a bullet to have him guide you, gave a bullet to the beggar we just passed, and gave two bullets to the guy back in the first station, you'll get the Generous achievement. You'll also get a **FLASH POINT** for giving the kid a bullet to guide you. You can also refuse to give the kid a bullet. You'll effectively lose a flash point for doing so, but you will get an achievement. You can do this and then reload the last check point if you want to get both achievements without playing through the game multiple times. ---REALIST--- Refuse to give the bullet. Either way, don't follow the kid and face the other direction. There's more Dwelling to do: |Guard in a lit doorway by a red sign. |Man in a leather coat that comes to talk to that guard. |Beggar at the other side of the room facing a kid drawing on the floor Behind that beggar is a stack of pallets, and in those pallets is 1 MGB. You'll have to go around to get it. |Guard behind a low fence in front of some construction equipment. |Guard standing between a candle and a lit door closed by a grate. To the right of that guard, in the dark area, is a cabinet with some shotgun shells and normal 5.45 bullets. To the left of that guard, in a brightly lit open doorway, is the armory. There still isn't anything worth buying. You can buy grenades and throwing knives, but we'll find plenty later. There's another 1 MGB to the right of the two filing cabinets outside the armory. There's yet another 1 MGB on the far side of the rails in the subway tunnel (this should be the fifth single MGB you've found since the start of this area). Back to Dwelling: |Talk to the three merchants in the armory. |Watch the kid who was drawing talk to the three guards standing around. |Follow him near a yellow wall and talk to him. |Guard at subway platform behind the barrier |Beggar on subway platform by red wall |Man sitting at the end of the bench in the subway |Man in front of the crowd in the subway (near the last MGB) Now we'll go back to where the kid with the helmet was, to your right as you come down the stairs from the bar. |Three soldiers to your right as you pass through the opening, by a grate. |Old beggar to your left as you pass through the opening, near a red wall. |Past the beggar, before you cross the bridge, there are four doors. There's 1 MGB on a crate just past those four doors. |Cross the bridge and check the six closed doors on the far side. |While you're there, talk to the three guys sitting around the fire. There's 1 MGB on the top bunk in the dwelling with the open door behind them. It's to the right as you go through the door. |Jump into the low passage, under the bridge, 2 doors on right |Bloodied beggar on the left. |Door across from the beggar (no response) |Two sleeping men across from the beggar (MGB on the floor inside) |Door farther down, same side as the last two (no response) At the end of this area are some latrines. One of them has a MGB. Go up the short set of stairs, and you'll see a candle. There's another MGB behind it. To the right of the candle is another path, which we'll get back to later. Go left. |More doors across the bridge near the candle (no responses) There's another MGB on the bottom bunk of a dwelling on the right, past the can fire. The door is open. |Four doors in the dark area past the candle (no responses) Before you cross over the second bridge (the middle one), look behind you for an open door with another MGB on the floor. Cross the bridge, and there's one more MGB sitting around on a table in the room. Inside the room is a man named Bourbon, who pays you 10 MGBs in advance for an escort. Follow Bourbon to the area past the candle. There are two more single MGBs here: one just to the left as you enter the darkened area and one top of a grey metal case behind a candle. He'll open a passage to the next area. If you talk to Bourbon but don't go with him, another person shows up: a prostitute named Nikki. Talk to her for Metro Dweller, but going with her costs all of your MGBs. She disappears again once you agree to go with Bourbon. Checklist for Sherlock: |30 MGBs from the first cutscene |1 MGB at a table in the bar |1 MGB in the sink near the piano |1 MGB behind the cabinets near the armory |1 MGB in a stack of wooden boards |1 MGB beyond the rails in the train tunnel near the beggars |1 MGB past the four doors to the left of the kid with the helmet |1 MGB across the first bridge on a top bunk |1 MGB in the area underneath the bridges near the door to a dwelling |1 MGB in the latrines |1 MGB by the candle near the latrines |1 MGB in a dwelling past the can fire across the bridge near the latrines |1 MGB in a dwelling near the middle bridge across from where you meet Bourbon |1 MGB on a table near Bourbon |10 MGBs from Bourbon |1 MGB on the left as you enter the dark passage with Bourbon |1 MGB on a gray case near a candle in the dark passage with Bourbon Total MGB in section: 55 Total FLASH POINT in section: 2 (-1) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [2.2] ___Lost Tunnel___ This level has two distinct parts. *** SECTION A: TUNNEL*** There's a body at the right after you meet the lurker that has some ammo. Follow Bourbon until he talks about some singing pipes. Kneel down and listen for a **FLASH POINT**. This sometimes takes a few tries (load the last checkpoint if you don't hear laughing after 10-20 seconds). There's a side tunnel after the singing pipe to the left. It has two lurkers and a couple of bodies with a grenade, ammunition and the Tihar, a pneumatic weapon that takes the same slot as the shotgun. Three achievements to mention: ---FIRE IN THE HOLE--- 20 Lurker kills ---AIR GUNNER--- 30 kills with pneumatic weapons (See section IV.2) ---KA-BOOM--- 10 kills with grenades (See section IV.3) The bodies also have 2 MGBs. The ones not in the stations don't apply in Sherlock achievement, but they're nice to have anyway. You may want to stick with the shotgun for the purposes of the achievement, since there's another pneumatic weapon that's much better than the Tihar. Be sure to loot the Tihar for the ammo even if you don't pick it up. Go back to where Bourbon is waiting, and follow him through a subway car. There's ammunition and a pistol in the front. Further down the path are some bodies. Loot the bodies for ammunition and grab a throwing knife from the boards. Throwing knives are the ideal weapon for silent kills on human enemies, since a full strength throw to the back will kill anyone instantly and silently. You can usually pick a knife up after throwing it. They're also involved in: ---NINJA--- 10 kills with throwing knives In one of the bodies is an arrow, which is ammunition for a later weapon. Get familiar with what the arrows look like in the environment, since they are rare but very useful ammunition. *** SECTION B: BANDIT BASE *** Follow Bourbon into a bandit base. The first room has more ammunition, another throwing knife, and 3 MGBs. Stealth is important here (See section IV.1 for tips). Jump over the tripwire that Bourbon points out. You can disarm it from the other side and recover the bullet from the trap. Tripwires are involved in: ---SOFT TOUCH--- Disarm 10 traps Turn off the lights and Bourbon demonstrates throwing knife technique. You'll come into a big room with a total of eight bandits: two patrolling, four by the fire, and two in the back. Dispose of them as you see fit. Note that Bourbon is not invincible but is fairly cowardly, so you'll have to do the real work but don't have to worry too much about him dying. There is no specific achievement for killing humans, but silent kills make the following achievement much simpler to obtain since you have time to aim carefully. This is a bit harder than it sounds, since many humans wear some sort of head armor that makes this more complicated than simply shooting at the right body part. ---SNIPER--- Make 25 headshots Once you clear the area, loot the bodies and the stash by the campfire for ammunition and 20 MGBs. There are three bandits in the next room, the final part of the area. If you're using the Tihar, you'll probably want to pick up one of the bandit shotguns. Total MGB in section: 25 Total FLASH POINT in section: 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [2.3] ___Bridge___ There is some ammunition on the electrical boxes to your right. There is also a gas mask. You can't pick up a new gas mask unless it's less damaged than the one you have, so it'll probably be inactive. Follow Bourbon over some crates. There's a filter for the gas mask on the ground. The exact mechanism for whether you can pick up a filter is not clear, so don't be surprised if the walkthrough mentions a filter and you can't pick it up. The tunnel opens up substantially and there's a cliff. To the left is a body with some ammunition. Be careful in the next area with any grating which looks broken, as it can fall if you stand on it. Running over it isn't a problem. Follow Bourbon across the gap to your right. You'll need the gas mask, and four enemies will attack. Let Bourbon do most of the work if at all possible. At the bottom on the far side of the support pillar is some ammo by a corpse. There are 9 MGBs sitting in the middle of the floor nearby as well as a filter. Go up the stairs on the far side. You'll be near a railcar. On the left side is a box, and if you jump on the box you can go into the car. There are three reddish long flat boxes in the car. One has ammunition and grenades, one has some shotguns, and one has squeaky dolls. Squeak a doll for a **FLASH POINT**. Outside the car, near where Bourbon is waiting, there is a pile of rubble that has a body with ammunition, including a total of 15 MGBs. If you hide behind the rubble until Bourbon tells you it's clear, you will get a **FLASH POINT**. If you are spotted, you will lose a flash point instead. Follow Bourbon down. He'll get attacked as he goes up the stairs. Don't follow him and go to the third platform. There's a body on the far side with some ammunition, a filter, and a replacement gas mask. Go back up the stairs and through the subway car to proceed. There's a body to the left on the lower level after you jump out of the car. More nosalises attack. Cross a rickety bridge and there's another body on the left with more ammunition and a medkit in the area with the flickering light. Go up the stairs. There's another railcar. You can't get in this one, but there is a body on the left side with a shotgun and some ammunition as well as some ammunition and 4 MGBs on the right side near a skull. Both are inside the car, but you can reach them from the ground. Follow Bourbon down the tunnel once he puts the bridge in place. There is ammo at the bottom of the stairs. Be sure to jump over the tripwire as you run by, then kill the enemies with Bourbon's help. If your gas mask is damaged, go back and grab the one at the bottom of the stairs near where you found the ammo. Total MGB in section: 28 Total FLASH POINT in section: 2 (-1) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [2.4] ___Lost Catacombs___ The next area has a lot of bodies and a bunch of dream sequences. Loot the bodies for as much ammunition as you can. In particular, there are 4 MGBs by some bodies near a pipe on the back left side of the room. During the dream sequences, run towards Bourbon. After the third one, you'll be on the far side of the grate Bourbon was trying to open and unable to go back to get anything in the first room. Take your gas mask off. To your right as you follow Bourbon down the tunnel there is a round shaft. On the right side of that room is a body with 3 MGBs, some ammunition, and a revolver with extended barrel. Be careful with the grates, they sometimes break. Go back to following Bourbon. The ammunition crate contains a sticky grenade. These work the same as normal grenades but if you throw them and they hit a target before exploding, they will stay there until they explode. It's not as useful as it sounds. You'll come across a body in the path with 20 MGBs and some ammunition. Just before the body is a green hole in the ground. Put your gas mask on and jump in. In the first room after you drop, there is some ammo and a throwing knife near a body on the far side of the room. Jump out of that room into the large chamber. To the left on the ground there is a gas mask and 4 MGBs. Near the MGBs is a broken bridge. Follow it across to the far side of the room with the green liquid. There's a support column, and behind the column is a body with a shotgun, ammunition, and a filter. Near the start of the broken bridge is a ladder. Climb up it, take your gas mask off, and prepare for a long fight. This is a good place to spam grenades for the Ka-boom achievement. One tactic that works is to throw a grenade and then run past it. It'll explode under an enemy that's chasing you. Try to let Bourbon and the sentries do most of the work to save yourself some ammo. Total MGB in section: 31 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [2.5] ___Market Station___ Another station, more Dwelling. You may have gotten the achievement by now, so if you have you can ignore this. After the initial conversation, be sure to grab the 1 MGB at the left side of the room in the dark area with crates. |Guard that blocks the doorway. |Listen to the guards at the gate after Bourbon leaves. There are three lockers in the area just past the guards. The rightmost one has 1 MGB in it. If you look past the lockers there's a railcar with 1 MGB in plain sight on the shelf. Go through the curtain into the main part of the rail car and there's 1 MGB immediately to your right. |An old man and a young man are talking near the exit to the car. |They'll also talk to you after they're done talking to each other. The old woman doesn't respond. Go past her and look on your left for 1 MGB. There's also 1 MGB on the right in the last section of the railcar. Exit the car. |A man standing against the wall near some sinks. Talk to Bourbon, he'll give you 15 MGB. Don't actually buy any filters, you won't need them unless you have less than five minutes of filters left. Go into the next room. Immediately to your right as you enter there are some small crates and there is 1 MGB between the crates and the wall. |Listen to the radio operator |Listen to the men near the radio operator |Talk to the man guarding a small stockroom across from the radio |Talk to the guard in front of the office behind the radio operator |Talk to the man on the bench across from the office To the right of the last man is a dark area with a ladder which has 1 MGB. There is 1 MGB on the table in the bar area and 1 MGB on a shelf to the left of the bar proper. Take a smoke on the hookah for a **FLASH POINT** and some obnoxious side effects. |Talk to the bartender |Talk to the man sitting in the chair by the table where you found the MGB |Talk to the guard behind some sacks across from the bar |Listen to the beggar talking to the kid You can give the beggar a bullet for a **FLASH POINT**. |Two kids by a pig |Three men standing around some tools There's 1 MGB in plain sight on a forklift near the tool shop in the main market area. There's also 1 MGB near the luggage in the center of the room and another 1 MGB under the butcher's block. In the next room are the actual vendors and ammo exchange. There's a vehicle in the corner with some 5.45 ammo and yet another 1 MGB behind it on the ground. It's the lower of the two vehicles. The last 1 MGB is on top of a white cabinet between the two vehicles. |Man standing between the two vehicles |Try to go through the gate and talk to the guard. |Talk to the man in the generator room |Girl who wants to buy a pet rat (as you're returning to main market area) If you really like the Tihar, there's a scoped version available here which is a big improvement over the basic version. Otherwise, there's not much of interest for sale. Don't buy filters, Bourbon will give you one if you didn't buy any. Put your gas mask on and follow Bourbon out. Checklist for Sherlock: |1 MGB near the first guard station |1 MGB in the third locker |1 MGB in the first part of the railcar |1 MGB near the curtain to the first part of the railcar |1 MGB past the old lady on the left |1 MGB past the old lady on the right |15 MGB from Bourbon |1 MGB by the crates near the radio |1 MGB on a ladder in a dark corner |1 MGB on a table in the bar area |1 MGB on a shelf in the bar area |1 MGB near the tool shop in the market area |1 MGB in some luggage in the market area |1 MGB by the butcher's block |1 MGB behind the lower vehicle |1 MGB on a cabinet between the vehicles Total MGB in section: 30 Total FLASH POINT in section: 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [2.6] ___Dead City 1___ *** SECTION A: LOOTIN' WITH BOURBON *** There's a rather annoying achievement to get in this area which again requires you to be very thorough: ---RANGER--- Find all the hidden caches Follow Bourbon to find a dead body. There's some ammo on a backpack just past the body. The body is facing some telephones. There's a door to the left of the phones, go through it for 2 MGBs and some ammo. As you come back out of that room there is a square booth most of the way across the courtyard. Look in it for a silenced SMG and some ammunition. On the other side of the courtyard there is a door to the left of the path you came in on. There's a trapped stairway in here. You can't disarm the trap, so just avoid it. Take the stairs up. There's a red crate near a gas can here that is the first of the caches for the Ranger achievement. Loot it and grab the arrows nearby. On the upper level, look out the window at the end for a **FLASH POINT**. You can drop down on top of the roof of the building in the courtyard to grab some ammunition and 5 MGBs. *** SECTION B: THE OFFICE BUILDING *** Don't follow Bourbon, he just wastes your time. As you exited the courtyard, you should see a building a little to the right across the ravine. It has some low round concrete walls around the steps up to the building itself. There are a few enemies in this area, but they're mostly one or two at a time and aren't a real challenge. There's a dead body in the lobby with ammunition and 5 MGBs. Take a running jump to get over the counter behind that first dead body to find another dead body with a Tihar and some ammunition. The area is highly irradiated so you'll probably have to use a medkit to survive. Jump back out the same way. If you hear the geiger counter sound, you're taking constant damage. Just down the hallway is another dead body with some ammo, a filter, and 3 MGBs. There's an overturned desk around the corner with some more ammunition behind it. Before heading up the stairs in the next area, look underneath them for a gas mask and some ammunition. Go up the stairs for some nosalises and then some scenes. Ignore the room with the desks and go through the bathroom into a hallway. You should see some little white arrows. Follow them to the top of an elevator shaft and drop down it. There's another cache here with 6 MGBs, a tihar and ammo, knives, filters. You get a **FLASH POINT** for finding this cache. When you drop out, you will be back in the lobby and see two Nosalises. You'll notice that one of them is a silverish color. These are much stronger and can be obnoxious to kill, especially in large groups. Go back up the stairs. In a room to the left of the elevator shaft is a bunch of desks, one of which has a shotgun and ammunition. *** SECTION C: ON THE GROUND *** Go out the door to a bunch of planks leading to a long slope down. Instead of going down the slope, go to some broken stone at the top right of the slope to find some ammunition under the rubble. At the bottom of the slope, go right. You'll see a nosalis standing watch. Take it out with a throwing knife. If you use a loud weapon or don't kill it in one shot, it will call friends and it'll be painful. You can also just sneak around it. Beyond the guard nosalis there is a white vehicle with 2 MGBs in the back. There is also a dumpster which you can open for some arrows and a medkit. Go into the building. You will either come across a sleeping nosalis or be jumped by it. Kill it, and loot the body nearby for some ammunition and a medkit. Outside the building is another white truck with supplies that counts towards the Ranger achievement. It has a gas mask, filters, and some ammunition. Continuing along the path, you will come to a building with an open window. Hop in the window to find a fourth cache for the Ranger achievement. It has 4 MGBs, a filter, and some ammo. There is also some ammo on top of a bookcase next to the window you came through. If you look in the back of this room behind the teapot fire, there are some office chairs. Notice that you can take your gas mask off in this small area without gasping. Walk back outside for a vision. If you stop and do nothing during the vision, you will get a **FLASH POINT**. If you try to attack things or run away, you'll lose a flash point. Some nosalises may attack you, so try to stay still after the vision until you're sure they're coming. Go through the playground and look to the right for a white truck with a body and some ammunition. *** SECTION D: AFTER THE VISION *** There's only one way to go, into a building. Turn off your light at this point, and start sneaking. At the bottom of the steps is a body with 30 MGBs, some other ammo, and a filter. Go into the main area of what looks like a grocery store and go to the corner on your right. This is a Ranger cache with ammunition and 2 MGBs, also worth a **FLASH POINT**. There are a lot of nosalises here, and the main risk in this fight is having your mask broken. The room back by the previous ranger cache with the office chairs may be a good place to fight, since you can take your mask off there and just spam medkits during the fight. On the side of the building opposite the ranger cache there is some ammunition hidden in a broken wall. If you go outside the building through the windows and go right around the corner, you can drop down to a body with some ammunition. Go back along near the windows. You should see some boards leading down to a lower path. Take that path, being careful not to be pushed off into the water, and you'll find a body at the end with some ammo and a **FLASH POINT**. Go back inside the building and take the last window out, which should lead to a path above the path you just took to get the body. You should see a sign pointing to dry station. Go the other way, and you should see a subway entrance. Go down and through to pick up 2 MGBs, a filter, and a mostly intact gas mask. To your left is a truck with a red crate in it that contains two sticky grenades. This appears to count towards the Ranger achievement. Turn off your flashlight, start sneaking, and equip a sticky grenade. There are boards across the irradiated area that lead to some stairs up. You should pass a checkpoint and then come across a Demon feeding on a body. Try and tag the demon with the sticky grenade. This is the first time you can kill one of these, and you need to kill two for an achievement: ---INQUISITOR--- Kill two demons. If you mess it up, reload the checkpoint and try again. You need to get fairly close. One demon kill is automatic in chapter seven, so you only need this one and that one to get the achievement. *** SECTION E: CLEANING UP *** Turn around and look at the area you went under when climbing up the stairs to the demon. There's a van with an open door. Inside the van is a red chest with some ammo and a gas mask. Turn around once you grab it and look for a grated area. Look through the gate to see a short scene. Go back to the body the Demon was snacking on, and search it for ammo. Go past it down the steps and jump over the low wall to the right. There's another body with 5 MGBs and some other ammo. As you're facing the same direction as that body, you'll see a pipe you can climb up towards a bus on the ledge. Use the pipe to jump to a ledge above the body. You'll see another body in a room. Crouch down to get under the wall, then run to the body to grab the Helsing. The room is irradiated, so get back outside before you grab the ammo, wait to heal up, then run back in and grab the ammo. This is one of the better weapons in the game: it's silent, does crazy damage, and the ammo is reusable. Go back to the body where the Demon was and climb up the slope and into the building. There's a grenade trap, which you can disarm. Go to the right and avoid the spiked log trap (you can't disarm it). Jump onto the bricks to the left to avoid the next trap, a shotgun trap you can disarm from the other side. In the next room is the last Ranger cache for this level. There's ammo, some medkits, a gas mask, 10 MGBs, and some filters. Play the tape recorder for a **FLASH POINT**. Go back to the room where the grenade trap was and go down into the building to end the level. Total MGB in section: 71 Total FLASH POINT in section: 6 (-1) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [2.7] ___Dead City 2___ There are still a few caches for the Ranger achievement in this area. You can also nominally complete Inquisitor here, but it's not as easy as the first Demon. There's a body in front of you with ammunition. Turn around and go back the way you would have come in, there's a hole in the wall with another body with more ammunition and 15 MGBs. Go back through the doorway into a flooded area. There's ammo at the bottom of the stairs and more ammo at a body at the top of the stairs. The body also has a filter and 2 MGBs. Go back to the path and you'll come to another flooded room. Just to the left is a crack in the wall, and through that crack you'll find the last cache for the Ranger achievement. it has some ammunition, filters, and 5 MGBs. Follow the boards over the water and you'll find a corpse with 20 MGBs and some other ammunition. Walk along the path to go up a slope to an open area. If you drop off on the left side of the path there's another body with more ammo, near a sunken car. In the open area, if you go to the right you'll see Bourbon looting a body. Run past him to find a body at the end of the alley with some ammo, 2 MGBs, and a filter. Go back to the body Bourbon is looting and get some more ammo. Follow Bourbon (or your compass). You'll pass a dumpster on the right with a Tihar and some ammunition. After the dumpster, go right and down some steps to find a body with 2 MGBs, a filter, and some other ammo. Equip a sticky grenade and go up the stairs towards Bourbon. A demon will land on top of the white truck, but you'll have to be fast to catch it. Go past the truck to find a revolver with silencer and some ammunition. A bunch of nosalises show up. You can use more grenades here the same way as the fight before Market Station. Focus on staying alive. A demon will come and tear down the fence, so run when Bourbon tells you to. Total MGB in section: 29 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- II*3. ---Chapter Three------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [3.1] ___Dry___ There really isn't much point to killing everything here. You might get some extra ammo out of it. Working on the headshot, throwing knife, and pneumatic weapon achievements is harder than it sounds since you can't get as many stealthy skills as you might think, but try to get a few. There are no specific achievements for Dry. You can kill more of the bandits if you want. It's almost impossible to fight this as a perfect stealth mission if you want to kill all the enemies. There are about 20 bandits in the area, and it's not very big. Bourbon will leave his stuff, so loot his ammo. The AK he keeps talking about is at the back of the little shaft where you start. Throwing knives are your best weapons here. A brief map for navigation purposes: (not to scale) ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ____________________________ | |0 | End |1 | Exit Platform |2 | |3 | B W W |4 | o a a |5 | x l l |6 | k k |7 | |8 | Enter |9 | |10 | Overlook |11 |___ ________________ ___ |12 | S S |13 | u u |14 | b b |15 | w w |16 | a a |17 | y y |18 | |19 | C C |20 | a Start a |21 | r r |22 | |23 | |24 ____________________________ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ A cache is in the Overlook has 4 MGBs, and a bandit in the maze has 4 MGBs. There is a trap at F17 or so that will kill you. The other traps will alert the bandits, so watch for tripwires. Total loot: Subway car at D23: grenade, medkit, arrow, throwing knife On a crate around E20: grenade On a board around R21: 3 arrows On a table around U23: ammo and a bastard with silencer On a table around G19: ammo On a table around T13: grenade On a shelf around T12: medkit In a pit around U2: medkit and ammo (requires gas mask) On the overlook: 4 MGBs and ammo If you're just looking to get past the station, after cleaning up Bourbon's stuff you can go left out of the starting area, kill the patrolling guard silently or just wait for him to pass. Sneak up to the sandbagged area around F13 and wait for the guard to run off with digestive problems. Go through the unguarded door at about D12. The next guard mysteriously dies with an arrow in him. Sneak past the guards to the next entrance to your left (approximately "enter" on the map), and you'll be in a maze of boxes. There's a bandit in there which has 4 MGBs, but kill him silently. He also has a semi- automatic shotgun with a bayonet, arguably the best shotgun in the game. From the exit to the boxes you're not far from a brightly lit door that's the exit to the map. Another guard mysteriously dies in front of you. Be sure to loot that body. Once you get to "End" on the map there'll be a scene. Be sure to loot the table after the scene for 25 MGBs and other ammo and get the 2 MGBs behind the pillow. Total MGB in section: 35 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [3.2] ___Ghosts___ If you make it through this level and the next one without dying, you'll get an achievement: ---EXORCIST--- Complete "Ghosts" and "Anomaly" without dying Follow Khan's instructions. Listen where he tells you to for a **FLASH POINT**. There's a body facing away from you with a shotgun to loot for ammo. In general, just follow Khan's instructions. Stay put for the first shadow. After the shadow, there's a guy on the right with the grenade. Continue to follow Khan. Before you enter the subway car, there are 5 MGBs on a crate in front of the pipes on the right. In the subway car, stay to the side when you see the little boy. After the phantom train, Khan has a little chat with some old friends. When he moves through the crowd, stay near him for a **FLASH POINT**. Follow right behind him or bad things will happen. After you leave the tunnel, you go through some rooms. You'll pass a bloody body on the side with a little bit of ammo. Continue through. There's a body behind some cans on the far side after you go through the next door. You get a **FLASH POINT** for discovering this body. In the same room, to the left as you enter, is an open-topped crate with an AK and some ammo. The next room is empty except for a revolver to the left before the big green glowing thingy spot. You will fight a few nosalises as you open the next door. There's a body in the room with a shotgun and some ammo. There's a backpack past the glowing green spot and 15 MGBs on the ground nearby. You'll pass through a radioactive area before the end, so push past Khan if necessary to get through it without getting cooked. Total MGB in section: 20 Total FLASH POINT in section: 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [3.3] ___Anomaly___ As soon as you enter the big tunnel, there's a body on the far side with an SMG and some ammunition. As before, pay attention to what Khan has to say. When he says stop, keep going, and when he says stop a second time, stop. You'll get a **FLASH POINT**. There's a shotgun and a little more ammunition on a body near a subway car at the end of the first tunnel, as well as a medkit. Jump over the boxes on the right to continue. Khan will go left after you move to the next tunnel. Go right instead. There's a revolver and some ammunition as well as a **FLASH POINT** at a body hidden near the obstruction in the tunnel. Go back past where Khan is standing for another body with some ammunition. The Nosalis wave arrives. As with the previous big fights, your main priority is staying alive. At the end you'll get a little lights show. Go through the car and keep going straight (Khan will go left). There are some arrows, a medkit, and 4 MGBs by some skeletal remains. You'll also get a **FLASH POINT** for finding the skeletal remains. Go back to the other tunnel, and look at the back of the railcar. There's a revolver on the floor and an arrow to the left. Back by Khan, to the left, is a suitcase with 15 and 5 MGBs (20 total) and some other ammo. Get in the railcar to end the level. Total MGB in section: 24 Total FLASH POINT in section: 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [3.4] ___Cursed___ This level has an infinite number of nosalises, so if you want to do any of the weapon kill achievements, it's a good place to just kill stuff. There is some loot here, but you can get all of it after the fighting is over. The general layout looks like this (not to scale): _____________________ | | |Cave Bomb| | 6 | | 5 Exit | | 10 | | 9 7 |__ | 4 2 Stairs | | Stairs1 Lock | | Stairs ___| | | | | | Defense | |Start 3 8 | | | | | _____________________ Enemies come in groups of three from Cave and Lock. There are shadows near the exit that Khan will get rid of at the end. In particular, there's a stationary machine gun, which is involved in another achievement. It doesn't have much ammo, though, so you can't finish it here: ---HEAVY METAL--- 15 kills with the stationary machine gun. Follow Khan and he'll take you to the point marked "Defense." Listen to his explanation, and you'll get a **FLASH POINT**. Enemies will constantly charge this position, so play with the stationary gun and get as many kills as you can. Once you're out of stationary gun ammo grab the bomb from the marked spot. If you don't want to fight the Nosalises, run back to the defense and let them do the dirty work. Take the bomb to the Cave, and you'll find a flashing spot on the right hand side to place the bomb. Run back to the defense after you set the bomb, or at least get well away from it. Run up to some wooden supports. You'll start gasping, but don't bother with the mask, you're not staying. Set a bomb at one of the flashing spots on the frame, and again run back to defense. Once the spots are closed, you will get an achievement: ---DEMOLITIONIST--- Blow stuff up at Cursed Time to loot the area: 1. At the top of the middle stairs, past the low wall (ammo and medkits). 2. At the bottom of the stairs closest to the exit (ammo) 3. Big stash behind the gun at defense (ammo, grenades, medkit, 5 MGBs) 4. Body in the left tunnel (2 MGBs) 5. Body near the bombed spot (ammo) 6. Bodies near the bomb (shotgun, 2 MGBs, medkit) 7. Body in the right tunnel (ammo) 8. Body near the bottom of the right tunnel (AK, ammo, 3 MGBs) 9. Body between the exit and the stairs (ammo) 10. Body near the exit (ammo, 2 MGBs) After the exit, Khan will lead you to a shrine. Two of the candles have 2 MGBs each (total 4). If you break a candle, you'll lose a flash point. You can do this a few times. Total MGB in section: 18 Total FLASH POINT in section: 1 (-?) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [3.5] ___Armory___ *** SECTION A: BEFORE THE CHASE *** This is not, as some have stated, the last time you can get Metro Dweller, but you should have it by now. If you don't get Sherlock in this area, you have messed up. You can get rid of the gas blocking the vent by using the valve to your right as you start the level. |Listen to the guard who tells you about the "free station." Once you get to the station proper, run to the end of the platform. There are three MGBs on the ground by some barrels at the end. Go through the middle section, past the guy talking about being inspected. There are three MGBs on the right after you cross the middle section. Think of them as diagonally across from the first three. |Knock on the "front" of the closed exchange kiosk. Go back to where the guy is talking about inspection for a scene. *** SECTION B: THE CHASE *** You have to run through the station. If you're fast enough, you'll get an achievement: ---FUGITIVE--- Complete the chase without getting caught. The chase runs (follow your companion) 1. To the left around the divider. 2. To the right around the divider. 3. To the left around the divider, past a shooting gallery (crawl or run). 4. Around a dogleg to the right. At the right side after you turn there are three MGBs. 5. Through a door and up some stairs to the left. 6. Two rights and a left at the top of the stairs (follow the path). *** SECTION C: AFTER THE CHASE *** Listen to Andrew's speech. After you leave his dwelling, turn right and look along the wall for three MGBs. |There's a guard at the bottom of some stairs |You'll pass two guards talking about an infiltrator |Talk to the guard by the tracks |There is a guard and an officer also being paranoid Hopefully you have gotten Metro Dweller by now. There's only one place left. There are three merchants to the left: one selling supplies, one selling rifles, and one selling other weapons. They have a lot of good stuff for sale. You can also trade in your 4th weapon for a Duplet and make money on the exchange. The next area has an automatic shotgun with bayonet and another Helsing, so you'll be able to replace it quickly. If you need the headshot achievement, I strongly suggest buying the scoped Helsing, as it can punch through helmets. Across from the three merchants are two guys, each selling a set of armor for 100 MGBs. I prefer the stealth suit, but either is better than what you have andyou should probably buy one. You'll eventually want the heavy suit, but you can get it later in the game once stealth becomes irrelevant. The stealth suit is incredibly useful for any fights against humans, but is eventually worthless by the end of the game. Unless you're desperate for money, buy the stealth suit now and the heavy suit later. You should have plenty of money at this point, so go ahead and buy lots of random things (trading revolvers back and forth, for example), to get the Metro Trader achievement. This isn't the last opportunity, but it's a good time to do it. If you haven't bought anything yet and you trade a Helsing for a Duplet and sell all your ammunition, you should be able to get Scrooge (500 MGBs) by now. If you can get 500 MGBs, use them all to buy ammunition to get Wheeler-Dealer, then reload the game and make your normal purchases. I only bring this up now since there are a lot of useful items for sale at Armory and your stockpile is only going to go down in the short term. Once you have your purchases, go talk to Andrew and go down in the pit, where you will find 3 MGBs and, if you've been diligent, the Sherlock achievement. Checklist for Sherlock: |3 MGBs at the "north" end of the left platform |3 MGBs at the "south" end of the right platform |3 MGBs at the right side of the dogleg during the chase |3 MGBs to the right after you leave Andrew's |3 MGBs in the pit Total MGB in section: 15 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ___ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- II*4. ---Chapter Four------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [4.1] ___Front Line___ There are three achievements to get in this area and each requires a different approach. You'll have to play the level at least twice, maybe three times to get all of the achievements. You have to load the start of the area by going back to the main menu to completely restart. A general layout (not to scale) _______________ |End | | | | | | Camp | N | | | ^ | |Hole | | | Nazi Front | | | A | | | A | | A | | A | | A | | A |__________ | Hole A | | A | | Com Front | | | | | | | | Pit | | Start | __________________________ I'm arbitrarily calling the Nazi camp the north end for simplicity in giving directions. I'll do this walkthrough two ways: quick invisible, and thorough which covers the other two achievements since they're largely identical. If you want to get all of the flash points, just follow the Hedge Hopper path and don't kill the captured commies. The Invisible Man and Rescue Ranger walkthroughs are almost identical, and I've combined them. You may have to do the walkthrough twice, but the stealth run is much faster than the thorough run for Hedge Hopper. *** SECTION A.1 INVISIBLE ARTYOM *** ---INVISIBLE MAN--- Kill no one ---RESCUE RANGER--- Save the three captured commies You more or less need the stealth suit to do this, because without the nightvision goggles it's quite difficult to move around without light. There are a set of goggles easily available, but it's very hard to get them without killing at least one enemy. Go north from where you start, sneaking. The officer is giving a speech, watch on your left for a set of stairs leading down once you get out on the platform. Go down the stairs, and you'll see a soldier by a fire. Wait a second until the other soldier joins him. Listen to their conversation for a **FLASH POINT**. If you're going to replay this anyway, don't bother. Continue north, then turn west when you get a chance to pass under a pair of arches. Take the right arch to avoid the light. You'll see two soldiers and a kneeling man. Sit and watch them execute the man and wait for the two soldiers to move away. You'll get a **FLASH POINT**. Go up on the area where the soldiers and dead guy were and go to the north end. Turn off the light. You should be able to jump down on the pipes. Make your way north. Generally, it's: -Hug the left wall to go north. -Go east on the pipe. -When you get halfway across, take the pipe north. -You'll have to jump across the disjointed pipe. -Once you jump, take the next right (east) on a grating. -Jump up the protruding things to go north at the wall. -Go east along the duct. There's a body against the wall with ammo. -Jump down to the walkway. -Jump down from the walkway onto a pipe that turns down. -Go to the east wall and make your way north and avoid the spotlights. -Watch for wire traps in the mist (disarm them for Soft Touch). There are three wire traps total. Enter the tunnel on the north wall, and take the ladder up on the right. Take off the mask, and take the ladder to the next area, but don't come up out of the hole until the patrolling guard has moved on. Move up out of the hole, and turn off the light. There are arrows in the board behind you, and a Helsing on top of some sandbags behind the guard facing away from you. Taking it may alert the guard, so be careful. You'll walk up to a lit area with a generator. Stand in front of the generator so that the switch is just in range (it's on the south wall) and then hide in the dark behind the generator's north end until the guard has turned away. Sneak behind him and turn off the light, then wait for him to leave. Go up the stairs, and on your way up before you get to the top shoot out the light. You can turn off the gas lamp at the top of the stairs. Wait for all of the guards to run past, and don't try to go through the door until the checkpoint has saved. There's some crushed glass near the door that makes sneaking out quite hard. Hug the left on the way out or jump over it. Once you get out of the door, sneak down the corridor to the north. You'll have to be fast, since there are two patrolling guards with headlamps. Once you get about 10 seconds north, find a dark place and wait for the car to go go by. Once it has passed, keep going. Shoot the lights out with a silent weapon as you go up, and if the car comes by hide at the side of the tunnel. There is a patrolling guard near the top, so when you come up to him drop down to the right. Walk along the west side of the room. You'll see the three guys to rescue just to your right, so get a sense of this area and the enemies here to prepare for that achievement. If you want, you can go guns blazing at this point to save them and get Rescue Ranger. You may be able to load the last checkpoint after getting the achievement and continue in your pacifistic ways. At the north end, climb up the ladder. Slip into the tunnel to the north and you'll see a patrolling guard (he has no headlamp, so use night vision). Slip past him by moving by him when his back is turned. The last guard in the tunnel is facing the wrong way, so take the door to the west (left). There are some things on the table to your right, including 10 MGBs. Go through the door to the west for the end of the level. *** SECTION B.1 GRIM COMMUNISM EAST *** ---HEDGE HOPPER--- Kill everyone Doing this level with a scoped Helsing is a great way to work on headshots, since you'll be doing lots and lots of stealthy kills and almost everyone has a helmet. Throwing knives also work extremely well if you don't need headshots. I'm writing this as a stealth walkthrough, and I'm assuming you're turning off or shooting lights, not making noise, etc... You can go non-stealth once you get all of the flash points from conversations, but it's rather challenging to fight six on one. From the start point, turn around and go back down the tunnel. There are two guards there, one patrolling and one facing the wall. Kill them both silently. There is a box on the wall with night vision goggles and 3 MGBs. You get a **FLASH POINT** for taking the bullets. Sneak back north, and wait for the men to move down the stairs. If you're close enough when the guy finishes his speech, you'll get a **FLASH POINT**. Follow them down the stairs, and listen to the conversation between the two soldiers for a **FLASH POINT**. Once they finish, they'll walk away. Kill them both silently. Back by the fire is a crate with ammunition and a silenced pistol. Go back up the stairs and face north. There are two patrolling guards. Try and kill them when they are away from light sources. There is a Tihar and some ammunition for it in a wrecked subway car at the north end of the platform and 4 MGBs on a crate on the northeast portion of this section. *** SECTION B.2 GRIM COMMUNISM WEST *** Head back down the stairs and go west. Go under the left arch and turn off the light, then watch the scene with the guy they execute (there's no way to save him). You will get a **FLASH POINT** as the officer walks away, kill him. Kill the soldier as he goes on to the north end to investigate. Turn around and go up the stairs on the east part of the south end of this area. Listen to the conversation about suicide bombers for another **FLASH POINT**. Sneak past the guards into the tunnel to the south where you'll find two men who are unconscious. Kill them silently, then head further into the tunnel and look west (to your right) for a door. The door leads to a lit area where you will need a gas mask. Walk in to get the game to save, then move back out to the area you snuck past earlier. There are a whole lot of communists facing the other way, as well as a few patrolling the area. Move up when the patrol is facing away to turn out the light to your left. By the light is a small cache of ammo. You should be able to kill the rest of the soldiers here with throwing knives without actually alerting any. Be sure to kill the ones on the balcony as soon as possible. Always kill the enemies so that they don't see each other fall. It may be helpful halfway through the killing to turn back and run down to the bottom of the gas mask area where the game saved. If you go all the way to the bottom there is a shotgun with bayonet, and the game should save as you come back up. You get a **FLASH POINT** for finding this shotgun. To the east of the big group of soldiers is a pair of soldiers on a ledge between the two areas we have cleared. You may want to leave these for later since you can use the stationary machine guns on the east side to take them out, but this will make lots of noise and alert the enemies. You can also just snipe them from a variety of places. Don't bother with this unless this is the "keep" playthrough and you aren't going to repeat this section. *** SECTION B.3 THROUGH THE DEPTHS *** Run back to the area on the bottom where the execution took place. Turn off the lamp. You should be able to jump down on the pipes. Make your way north. Generally, it's: -Go west. -Hug the west wall to go north. -Go east on the pipe. -When you get halfway across, take the pipe north. -You'll have to jump across the disjointed pipe. -Once you jump, take the next right (east) on a grating. -Jump up the protruding things to go north at the wall. -Go east along the duct. There's a body against the wall with ammo. -Jump down to the walkway. -Jump down from the walkway onto a pipe that turns down. -Go to the east wall and make your way north and avoid the spotlights. -Watch for wire traps in the mist (disarm them for Soft Touch). There are three wire traps total. Enter the tunnel on the north wall, and take the ladder up on the right. As you come up, wait for the guy to pass. This area is frustrating from a stealth perspective as the enemies all die noisy deaths, alerting their comrades, so knife throws will not cut it. It may be best to simply bypass this first group and come back later. Fully pumped Helsing shots and bursts from the VSV may work. There's a Helsing on a pile of crates right behind the guard that faces away from you as you come up from the pit. There are arrows in the board behind it and arrows sitting next to it. There's a white box on the wall with 5 MGBs. Picking them up is worth a **FLASH POINT**. *** SECTION B.4 GRIM NAZI FRONT *** Go up the stairs, and on your way up before you get to the top shoot out the light. You can turn off the gas lamp at the top of the stairs. Wait for all of the guards to run past, and don't try to go through the door until the checkpoint has saved. There's some crushed glass near the door that makes sneaking out quite hard. Hug the left on the way out or jump over the glass. You can kill the two patrolling guards in this area easily enough, but the rest of this area can be fairly nasty. Unlike Communist front line, the Nazi area is well lit and the enemies are packed together. You may want to move to the next area and get some stealthy kills there first. It's nearly impossible to fight the Nazi front line without waking up the whole army. If you do end up fighting them, go crazy with the grenades since there lots of them available. The only loot on the front line is some grenades on the overlook, some sniper ammo by the stationary machine gun on the lower level and what the enemies themselves are carrying. *** SECTION B.5 GRIM NAZI BASE *** You may as well give up on stealth for this area when you're working on Hedge Hopper or Rescue Ranger. It actually helps with Rescue Ranger since the Nazi will not execute the guys you're trying to save if he's busy trying to kill you. The railway tank is fairly hard to kill by conventional means. You can either shoot the driver and gunner or hit it with a grenade. In any case, you won't remain stealthy if you do. At the top of the hill, there is a patrolling guard and a guard behind some sandbags. Below him are the three prisoners and four more enemies. If you're still stealthy, kill the patrolling guard as far away from the stationary guard as possible. Sneak to the right edge, jump down, and kill the guard threatening the prisoners. You'll have to fight your way out to the tunnel at the north. Once the Nazis are all dead, the prisoners will stand up. You'll get Rescue Ranger when you talk to them, but you'll have to kill them to get Hedge Hopper. If you did not get Hedge Hopper, there are some places to check. You cannot get back through the low way, but once the front line nazis are dead you can just run back past it to get to the communist front line: *Check the two unconscious men behind the Communist front line. *Check the two guards behind the beginning. *Check the three guards in the basement of the Nazi area. Everyone else in the level should be shooting at you if they aren't dead. If you kill the prisoners, you lose one flash point for each. If you rescue them, you will get a **FLASH POINT**. If you're thorough about getting flash points killing the three should not stop you from getting the good ending. There are 10 MGBs and some ammunition on a case on the right in a room west of the north end of the tunnel (the last room). There is a medkit in the far corner. Total MGB in section: 22 Total FLASH POINT in section: 7 (-3) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [4.2] ___Trolley Combat___ There's a scene. After it's over, loot the bodies. Turn around go through the door behind you for a storeroom with more ammunition, grenades, and a night vision goggles if you don't have one yet. To the right of where you start is a red wall locker with some throwing knives and a filter. Immediately across from where you start is a closed door that you can open. In the room there is a red wall locker with 5 MGBs, a medkit, and a gas mask. As you follow your friends, you'll see two bodies along the way. The one on the right has 5 MGBs. This is the last time you can get Heavy Metal achievement. This one is actually fairly elusive, since there are so few times you get to use a stationary gun. If you don't have it by the end of this section, reload and try again and try to get more kills on the troopers in this section. If it doesn't work, you'll have to play through again and try to get more at Cursed or on Front Line. Once you get on the truck, there'll be a few scenes. This machine gun has all the ammo in the world, but it will overheat. The gauge on the gun tracks the heat. 1. Face back and try to get the officer at the start. 2. Face back and shoot the car. 3. Another car behind you. 4. Guys to the front and left. 5. Car behind you. 6. Wall in front of you. 7. Guys to the front and left. 8. Car behind you. 9. Guys to the front and left. 10. Car behind you. You'll come into an open area. On the far side to the right of the car there are vertical stone supports underneath the track. Shoot at the one in front of the tank until it falls. You'll get the achievement: ---TANK BUSTER--- Break the Panzer. When the car stops, there is some sniper ammo in the skeleton in front of you in the tunnel. Follow Pavel. He seems to have a problem with doors. To the left as you enter the second room is a red wall locker with a gas mask. Near it are 5 MGBs on top of a shelf in plain sight. Around the corner to the left is another red wall locker with some ammo. Total MGB in section: 15 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [4.3] ___Depot___ Duck underneath the pipes. Pavel babbles on, when he mentions coming up to the station, the game will save. There'll be a Nazi in the path. Kill him as quickly as you can. Aiming will be hard with the bouncing cart. If you kill him fast enough, you'll get an achievement: ---RAIDER--- Kill the guard before he alerts the station If you don't kill him in time, reload. The enemies here will pound you with bullets if they're aware. You might end up using a medkit or two. Duck when you get into the station, and stay ducked until Pavel starts babbling about a depot. You'll pass another guard post which you can ignore. For the next section, ignore anything that's not attack you. After Pavel has his scene with the Nosalises, be sure to stand up. There's a bug here that can leave you stranded. If you do get stranded, you'll have to start over fromt the beginning of Depot, which is annoying. Once you get off the car, in a rather unceremonious fashion, you'll be in a tunnel. Go forward, moving over the open pipe, and you'll see a railcar. There are four wire traps around the car, each with a grenade. This is great for the Soft Touch achievement. Inside the car are some dead soldiers. Loot the bodies for ammo, and look in the two supply crates (one is red and closed) for 10 MGBs, some weapons, medpacks, and grenades. Take out your journal and go back to the pipe that we jumped over. Go in the pipe and go right (away from the "correct" direction according to your journal). There's a body with an SMG and 2 MGBs. Follow your journal out. Total MGB in section: 12 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [4.4] ___Defense___ *** SECTION A: THE DEFENSE *** You get a **FLASH POINT** for showing up. Walk up, talk to the guys. There's a crate with lots of ammo and a medkit. There's a big fight, and you lose your allies as you go. Be sure to loot their bodies as they fall, because that's what friends are for! After the fight, go through to where the captain is. He'll ask you to send a message. Grab it for a **FLASH POINT** and the first part of an achievement: ---DJ ARTYOM--- Broadcast the message. Follow the planks up to another body by a stationary gun for some more ammo. Move forward. The path is straight until you run into a ramp and a door on the left. Go up the ramp for a small sleeping area with a long red box on the floor. In the box is some ammo and 2 and 5 MGBs. Head down the tunnel. You'll pass a stopped cart with an upended case of some pneumatic weapon ammo. There's a body to the left of the cart and 1 MGB in a pile of bullet casings. Behind the cart is a ladder up to another sleeping area with a few throwing knives. *** SECTION B: ENTER THE LURKER *** These areas are swarming with lurkers and it's the last time you see them, so don't clear out of 4.5 until you have the Fire in the Hole achievement. Despite the name, grenades aren't really that good for killing the suckers. Remember that they like to come out of holes behind you, so when you're fighting a wave of them park yourself in a corner and let them come to you. You can also just run past them, they're not that strong and they're obnoxious to kill. Be careful of the holes in the floor. Since they aren't that dangerous, this is also a good place to work on the various weapon kill achievements. I don't think they count for headshots. This is the first wave of lurkers, about 6-7. If you want to use your knife, crouch so that you're low enough to hit them. There's an arrow in a dead lurker past the corpse on the platform. There's a dead guard in the middle of the platform with 2 MGBs and ammo. To the right of the guard, in a booth at the top of the ramp, are some shotgun shells. Ahead of you is a subway car. On the first floor is ammo, a gas mask filter, a gas mask, and a wire trap with a grenade. Go all the way through the car and exit out the other side by some stairs for a **FLASH POINT**. Take the stairs up. There are 3 MGBs on the ground on the top floor near the round hole in the floor. By the stairs there is another dead guard with a revolver and some ammunition. Through the doorway to the right of him are 3 MGBs. Go back down the car to move into a fire-lit area across from the ramp. In the near left corner there is some shotgun ammo and a Duplet. If you haven't gotten the Old School achievement yet, now is a good time to do it. There is more shotgun ammo near a blood stain on the other corner on this side of the room. There's a body in the middle of the room at the foot of some stairs with a little bit of ammunition. Upstairs there is a little bit more ammo and two throwing knives. Go straight across when you come down the stairs into a room between a booth and a body. Inside the room is ammunition and 3 MGBs. The body outside has a Tihar and ammunition. If you haven't gotten Air Gunner yet, there's your ticket right there. There is another set of stairs just beyond that body. Go up and into the back for a **FLASH POINT** and some medkits. Across from the bottom of those stairs is the path forward. There's ammo, a gas mask, a filter, and a medkit in the a small cache to your right as you go through the door. The stairs at the far side of the room are blocked. Go through a door to the right of the stairs and take the next set of stairs up. There is a cache up here with arrows, ammo, filters, and a Helsing. *** SECTION C: LURKERS IN THE MIST *** In the next area you'll need your gas mask. Walk into the mist until the lurkers come, and then run back out, take off your mask, and fight them in the mask-free area. There are stairs up to the right with a revolver and some ammunition. Directly across from the bottom of the stairs is a room with a body and some shotgun ammo. The next set of stairs on the right has some beds. Go past through the area to find some dead enemies with arrows and a throwing knife. Go back down the stairs. At the end of the hallway, beyond a fire is ammo. Go back down the hall, and go over to another hallway, past a fire. There's a railcar in front of you. On the bottom floor is a body with some ammo. There are stairs at one end and in the upper car is another body with ammo and a grenade at one end and a revolver at the other. Pull out your journal and go the opposite way from the arrow. At that end of the tunnel is a radio and a body with some ammo and 4 MGBs. You get a **FLASH POINT** for discovering it. Head to the far end of the tunnel, past all the barricades, to a red light. There is a body at the end with 15 MGBs. Go to the door that you passed on the side of the tunnel. Total MGB in section: 38 Total FLASH POINT in section: 5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [4.5] ___Child___ This is the last section in the game with Lurkers, so be sure to get your quota. In this section, you'll have the kid on your back, so you turn more slowly. There's some ammo on the body in front of you and some more on the floor in the room. As you go down the next hallway up some stairs you'll pass a body with an SMG and then another with a revolver and some ammo. You'll exit out into another tunnel with more lurkers. There's a shotgun and some ammunition to your right at the end of the tunnel. There is another shotgun and ammo by a body at the other end of the tunnel as it slopes up. Past that body is another body with a revolver and ammo and a trap. Go ahead and set it off, but keep moving so you're out of the blast radius. It'll seal the tunnel behind you. The kid points out an ammo locker that also contains 10 MGBs. You'll pass two bodies as you exit the room, each with a weapon that has some ammunition in it. Farther down in the same room is another automatic shotgun, and keep going into the dark corner of the room for 5 MGBs and a rifle. Past the fire there are more holes and another auto shotgun. You'll see a dead guy with a headlamp at the far end of the tunnel. Grab 2 MGBs from him and ammo from his gun. Follow the path, and you'll find another dead guy with an SMG. In the next room is a campfire and a dead guy with a rifle. In the corner of the room opposite the fire, there's some shotgun ammo. On the way out of the room there's a body with a revolver, ammo, and medkits. Keep going down the path, and you'll come across a guy with a shotgun and ammo on the floor. The kid tells you not to use grenades, and the guy helpfully has one. Once you get through the room to a campfire, turn around and throw a grenade into the room. It will collapse, killing all the lurkers. There's yet another shotgun and ammo in this room. The path will fork. Go down the right fork, and you'll find 2 MGBs near the body at the end of the green-lit tunnel. The body also has some ammo. Go down the tunnel, past the entrance you came down, and go up the next entrance. To your left is the left fork in the path that we just skipped. There are two wire traps. Go to the right instead, and you'll see a circular opening to your right and a body with some ammo to your left. The circle to the right is the green path we were at earlier. Drop down to the left past the body, you'll find his shotgun on the floor. Go down the path (follow your journal if you're not sure). There's a dead body with a rifle in the middle of the path and the rifle has 5 MGBs. You'll come into a large circular room. To the left is a small ridge with a body that has some ammo and 4 MGBs. To the right is a raised area. There's a body under the path leading up with another 4 MGBs and more ammo. Climb up the path. When offered a reward, you can refuse it for a **FLASH POINT** or take it for 20 MGBs. The refugees include some merchants and an exchange salesman. They don't have anything particularly useful for sale. If you have a Helsing, you can exchange it for an automatic shotgun and get 10 MGBs in the process. At the far end of the tunnel there are a bunch of guards. To their left is a small raised area. Take the ladder to go up for 5 MGBs. Total MGB in section: 57 (includes reward) Total FLASH POINT in section: 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [4.6] ___Outpost___ *** SECTION A: CLIMBING UP *** You'll hear some Nazis coming down. To the left is a body with a bunch of ammo and to the right is a fresh mask. Run to the end of the tunnel. Immediately to your right as you exit is a shack with an open door. Go in and hide. There's another mask in the shack. Wait for the rest of the Nazis to pass. You can kill them all with a well timed grenade, but wait for a bit on this so you don't wake up all the other guards. From the shack door, you can kill the guard patrolling on the overlook with a silent weapon. The Helsing is ideal for this, but any non-knife silenced weapon works. If you kill him before the other nazis pass, he may fall in front of them, tipping them off to your presence. Run along the right side of the area to find a body on a snowy ledge with some ammunition. Take the path up on the left side of the area and you'll come to the overpass where the dead guard is. On this same floor, there is another boarded area that overlooks the shack where you were hiding. In this area is an open-topped crate that has a revolver with everything. On the right side of the area is a steep snowy slope headed up to the top floor of this area. In the center of the grid of pipes is a square with two sticky grenades. When you get to the far side you'll hit a checkpoint. Just past is a wire trap that you can disarm for a grenade. There are two soldiers in the room to your right. Kill them silently and grab the ammo and filter (+10!) on the table. These two can be a real pain, and killing both silently with knives is almost impossible, so use a Helsing, Tihar, or VSV. Head back up to the shack where you found the two guards and walk towards the building. A guy will come out, ignore him and the Demon and wait for them to pass. You'll move past open windows that you can't jump in, but there is a guard with his back to you that was shooting at the demon. If you charge up too fast, he'll see you. Kill him with a knife. Go further along the building until you see a broken wall sloping down with a lamp near it. Turn off the lamp and wait for the game to save a checkpoint. *** SECTION B: NAZI BASE *** You'll probably eventually tip off the guards in this area and have to fight your way out. In particular the bottom floor is almost impossible to complete without a big firefight. A brief map (not to scale) Ground floor: ___________________ | | 9|7 | 6| |__|__ |____|__ __| |___ ________ ____| | |__5___|8| 3| | 1| 2 | | 4| ___________________ 1.1. The guard who was shooting out the window at the demon. 1.2. The broken slab leading up to 2.1. 1.3. Body with ammo. 1.4. Path up to 2.6. 1.5. Path from 2.7 (can't go back up). 1.6. Drop from 2.8 (can't go back up). 5 MGBs in this room. 1.7. Main room (3 guards, two filters, and 12 MGBs) and exit 1.8. Guard and 5 MGBs. 1.9. Pistol and ammunition. Middle floor: ___________________ | |3 | 4| 5| 8 | |_|_ _|___ |__|___| |9 _ ____________ | | | |__7___| 6 | | | 2| 1 | | ___________________ 2.1. Broken slab leading down to 1.2. 2.2. Guard station, two guards. 2.3. Pistol ammo. 2.4. Path outside and 4 MGB. 2.5. Entrance and some pistol ammo. 2.6. Path up and down (1.4), (3.1) 2.7. Path down to 1.5 (can't come back) and ammunition. 2.8. Path up and down (1.6), (3.4). No return if you go down. 2.9. Path to backhoe. Top floor: ___________________ |8 |9 | |3|6 4| | | |__|_| | |___ TRAP|__2 | | | |_ | |7 | 5 | 1 | ___________________ 3.1. Path up from 2.6. 3.2. Guard station. 3.3. Guard station. 3.4. Path down. 3.5. Automatic shotgun. 3.6. Path to roof. 3.7. Body with ammo and 4 MGBs. 3.8. Path from roof 3.9. Ammo We'll start at 1.2. Go up the slab. The guards should have had their little conversation if you went down to bomb the tunnel. If not, wait for them to break up. Duck into the room and quickly and silently kill both. There's a gas mask here if yours is at all damaged. Across the hall there is some ammo in the far corner. There's a guard patrolling and a guard by a fire. Wait until the patrolling guard walks away, then kill them both silently. The next room over (2.4 on the map) there are 4 MGBs on a window sill. Take them and then head out the window. Follow the path outside to a pipe and come back into the building. There's some ammo on the chair. Behind the guards we just killed there is a staircase (2.7). Go in and grab the ammo on the backpack and grab the arrow on the way down. You'll see two arrows next to a dinner plate. Don't go in that area, you can't come back. Head to the end of the hall and go down at 2.6. Look under the slabs for a body with some ammo. Once the two guys at the top finish their conversation, move up and kill them silently. One will be patrolling near 3.2 towards your position and the other will be standing at 3.3. There's a shotgun across the hall in the open area. Move up to the third floor proper, and look down (3.4) There are two guards warming their hands by a fire. Take them out silently if possible. Don't worry too much about alarms now if you plan to kill the demons. If you want to kill those Nazis we passed earlier, head back to the start of the level and set a grenade. You can jump down to save time as long as you don't drop too far. If you time the grenade right, you can kill all six. Be sure to let the fuse burn down a little before you toss it. *** SECTION C: DJ ARTYOM *** Go back to where we came in on the second floor. At the left side of the building there's an open window with a backhoe just outside. Hop on the arm, and head down to the far corner for some ammo. Climb back up the backhoe and you should see a ladder on the building. Take it up to the roof. You should see a little booth with a satellite dish. Get down there, grab the sticky grenades, and play the tape for DJ Artyom at the equipment for a **FLASH POINT**. There are two demons here, so if you'd like you can use the sticky grenades to kill them and get the Inquisitor achievement, but it'll wake up everyone downstairs. There's a rifle sitting on the roof by a body. There's also a path down to a previously inaccessible part of the top floor. If you take the path down by the radio gear you can avoid some intricate wire traps. There's a body with some ammo and 5 MGBs in a corner room. *** SECTION D: FADING TO BLACK *** There are a couple of paths we can take to go down and out of the base at this point: the stairs where we grabbed some ammo (2.7) or the hole near where we killed the two guards after coming back from the top floor (2.8). Either works. There is a lot of glass on the stairs and you may drop into a very noisy object at 2.8, so don't expect to get real surprise on the enemies below. We'll take the hole at 2.8. From 2.7 you can get a few free kills by sniping enemies, but you'll be in a bad defensive position. If you do jump down the hole at 2.8, make sure you don't land on the table. We're at 1.6 on the map. There are 5 MGBs on a shelf in this room. There's a guard patrolling in the hallway. Kill him before he spots you. Proceed down the hallway and take the door on your left. There's a guard looking at some books at 1.8. Kill him silently. There are 5 MGBs right by him. You can kill one of the guards in the next room silently, maybe two if you're lucky, but there aren't clear shots. There are four guards left on this level, three in the main room and one in the hallway on the far side. There would be one more at 1.1, but presumably you killed him already. The main room has 12 MGBs and two filters sitting around. In a room on the far side there's a revolver and some ammunition in the room with a tape player. If you didn't grab them before, there are two arrows at the top of the stairs in the main room. Head out through the exit in the main room. You'll come into an open area outside with a bunch of cars. There are nazis wandering around in this area in two groups of three, plus an extra guy. There are some holes in the ground, and one of them has a body with a little bit of ammo. Head for the rectangular building to end the level. Total MGB in section: 31 Total FLASH POINT in section: 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [4.7] ___Black Station___ There is an achievement to get if you go through this level without killing anyone. Despite what Ulman tells you, turning off the generator really doesn't help at all. The stealth suit is not a must, but it's fairly hard without it: ---MERCIFUL--- Complete Black Station without killing anyone If at all possible, have a Helsing when you leave this level. There's one available, but you won't get it on the merciful walkthrough. You'll need the Helsing for a particularly nasty type of enemy coming up in chapter five. At the start of the level, Ulman gives you a VSV silenced rifle. Be sure to grab it if you're still using an AK. Don't forget to loot the guard he kills. *** SECTION A: BRAZENLY MERCIFUL *** This isn't the most stealthy way to complete this mission, and you won't get much of the loot or flash points, but it'll get you the achievement. Once you've got it, go back to the main menu and play Black Station from the beginning so that you can clean up. From Ulman, go right and put on your nightvision goggles. Avoid the first trap by jumping over it, then be very careful about glass. When you get to the next trap, walk to the left of it. Hug the wall closest to the two guards who are talking to avoid some cans. You can listen to their conversation for a **FLASH POINT**. Turn off the light and go forward, you'll hit a save point. A guard is patrolling just beyond. Let him go by, then break the light with a silenced weapon (knives don't work for some strange reason) and go right. There are two more guards talking, and you can get another **FLASH POINT** for listening. Wait for them to leave by hiding in the alcove to the right. Wait for the two to break up. Now comes the tricky part. Once they've both left, you can run up to the light, turn it off, then go to the next area. While the guy is a long ways away, take out the light with a silenced weapon. Take the stairs to your right down to the next floor, and hug the wall and move down the train tunnel. Your goal is an open door on the right side in the tunnel. If you get spotted, run for it. Inside the door, you'll come across a room with a shotgun on the table. At the room with the shotgun on the table, look for a broken section of wall. It should lead into what looks like a natural cave. Run down there, and put your mask on. At the far end of this linear area, you'll come across a staircase. Take it to the top. You'll see a man mumbling to himself in front of a light at the far end of the hall. Listen to him for a **FLASH POINT**, but watch out for glass as you approach. Once you've got the point, run past him through a door to the left. You'll enter another area with three guards. To your right is an open doorway. Run through it and follow it until you see a square hole in the floor. Jump in, and follow it to the end, avoiding the trap. There's Ulman and your achievement. *** SECTION B: DEGENERATOR *** Grab the VSV from Ulman. It's a great weapon for this area. Go right from the start. Jump over the trap, and avoid the glass as you sneak up on the two guards. You can walk around the second trap. Wait for them to finish their conversation for a **FLASH POINT**, then kill them. The VSV works well. There are some throwing knives next to them on a box. Continue down the path, and turn off the gas lamp. When you get to the next lit area, hang back. When the patrolling guard goes by, tag him with a throwing knife. Break the lamp and go right at the fork. We'll be back here soon. There are two more guards having a conversation, also worth a **FLASH POINT**. When they break up, tag the guy who walks towards you with a throwing knife once he's out of the lit area. Go up and turn off the lamp. Wait in the dark corner just beyond the grate. When the guard comes back on patrol, tag him with a knife. Shoot out the light above you with a silenced weapon, then go along the path that the guard was patrolling on, but go left into the corner for a Tihar and some ammo. Go back to the fork and go left this time. Turn off the lamp on your right, and watch out for cans. When you come to another open area, the guards are having a conversation about a generator. Listen for another **FLASH POINT**. Wait for the two to leave up on the walkway. Once they're gone, snipe the officer (the farther guy) who is sitting in front of a lamp, then kill the guy in front of the fire with a knife. Shoot out the lights in the subway tunnel. One of the two guards by the generator will walk out. Kill him silently. The other guard is right inside the door, facing away from you. Eliminate him as well. You get a **FLASH POINT** for disabling the generator (just activate it). There's a shotgun, some ammo, and 5 MGBs by a fire nearby. Go past the generator to another room with a gas lamp and a short set of stairs up. Turn off the lamp and there'll be a T intersection. To your right is another gas lamp and a patrolling guard. Wait for him to walk away and tag him with a knife. Go back to the T and go left. Underneath the stairs is a body with 3 MGBs and a medkit. Go back to the subway car. Inside the subway car is a Helsing and one arrow at one end and five arrows at the other. This is an excellent weapon for an upcoming challenge and just a good gun overall, so make sure you bring it with you when you leave. On top of the subway car (there's a ladder just outside) is some ammo and 4 MGBs. There's also a VSV if for some bizarre reason you missed Ulman's. At the end of the tunnel is another gas lamp. To the left of it are some stairs down. On the left side of this passage is a crate you can jump on that leads to a small hidden area with 4 MGBs and a **FLASH POINT**. *** SECTION C: MERCILESS*** Outside of the hidden area is a door leading to an underground area. Go through the area, hugging the left wall. You should see two ramps up. One of the ramps is covered with planks. Wait at the bottom of the uncovered one until a guard on patrol walks past. Kill him silently once he rounds the visible corner. Killing everyone in this room without them becoming aware is very hard because there are four more guards in a small area. Once you've killed the first one, the second one to kill is the guy standing in front of the fire, since he has night vision goggles. Head to the far end of the area, near the first guard you killed. There's a door to the right. Head in, turning off lights as you go. On the table is an automatic shotgun. In the room with the shotgun, there are two exits: a door and a broken wall. Take the door. You'll come out on the other side of the area with the guards. If you watch, you'll notice that they're all facing where you were when you killed the first guy. Tag one of them, retreat through the door to the other side of the platform and go back and forth while they're constantly looking for you on the wrong side. There's a big cache of ammo in the middle of the room that has 15 MGBs, a medkit, and grenade. On the side of the room we came up on and far away from the doors we've been abusing, there's a little more ammo in a red crate. Go up the big concrete stairs. There's a Tihar and some ammo on a crate in the landing and a revolver and some ammo on the left. Go back to the room with the automatic shotgun, and go through the broken wall. You'll head through a linear area that requires the mask but has no enemies. There's a red wall locker with a filter I've never been able to pick up. At the far end is a set of stairs. Shoot the light out with a silenced weapon as you go up or break it with your knife. Far to your right is a guy sitting in front of a lamp. Go up towards him and listen to his mumbling for a **FLASH POINT**, but watch out for the broken glass. Walk forward into the next room to have the enemies start a conversation about some mythology. While they're talking, go back past the mumbling guy to where we came up. On the second door to the left is a locker with some ammo. Avoid the glass. When they finally get to the end of their rambling story, you get a **FLASH POINT**. There are a total of four guards in this room: one on patrol, the two who were talking, and a guy in the far corner sleeping. None of them die quietly, so you will probably end up with an actual fight. These are the last enemies on the level, so don't worry about it. There's some ammuniton by a backpack near the fire and some throwing knives sticking out of a crate. There are 5 MGBs under the pillow. Put on your gas mask, follow your journal, and drop down a square hatch in the next room over from the four guards. There's a body at the bottom with an SMG to loot for ammo. The rest of the level is linear. Watch out for a wire trap with a spiked log. You can take off your gas mask when you get to a blood smear and a blue barrel. Just to the left is a body with some ammo. If you don't have the Metro Trader achievement yet, be sure to waste all of your throwing knives and sticky grenades before leaving this area so that you can buy some. They won't be very useful in the upcoming areas anyway. Join up with Ulman, and you'll have a vision while traveling. Run towards the thing for a **FLASH POINT**. You can also run away and avoid the flash point. Total MGB in section: 36 Total FLASH POINT in section: 7 ___ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- II*5. ---Chapter Five------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5.1] ___Polis___ This is the last shop in the game, so if you haven't done the following achievements you'd better try and get 'em now. ---METRO TRADER--- Buy 10 items (other than bullets) in shops ---WHEELER-DEALER--- Use 500 MGB to buy other bullets You can buy ammo with MGBs, sell the ammo for MGBs, and buy ammo with MGBs back and forth to get Wheeler-Dealer if you don't quite have enough cash. If you're trying to get Metro Trader by buying knives and stickies or if you exchange ammo, reload your game after you get the achievement so that you don't waste MGBs. You can buy the heavy suit here if you've been using the stealth suit. It doesn't really seem to help much, but stealth is only relevant in one more area in the game, so you might as well. Again, you want to keep the Helsing, but you could "sell" it for 10 MGBs and get an auto shotgun with bayonet if you really wanted as many MGBs as possible. There's an assault rifle for sale here, arguably the best in the game. I don't buy it since I use the Helsing for all of the chapter 5 enemies and you'll get a similar rifle at the end of Chapter 5. Since this is the last ammo exchange, you may as well sell anything you're not using and get MGBs for it. Tihar or Helsing ammo you may as well sell if you do not currently have the relevant weapon, since there aren't any more of either weapon in the game. I tend to sell off all my shotgun ammo as well, since I don't like either of the shotguns and I'd rather have MGBs to shoot with. There is no loot and there are no conversations for Metro Dweller in this section. Total MGB in section: 0 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 [5.2] ___Alley___ There is a body immediately to your left with a lot of ammo, a filter, and 1 MGB. Immediately in front of you as you came out is a ditch. You can cross it by running across a pipe which will fall after you pass. Make your way to the left through the ravine. At the left, up some boards, is another body with more ammo and 2 MGBs. A demon will fly down and attack, so jump in the manhole just past the body. Use your knife to break the icicles to get into another ravine. At the other end of this ravine is another body with 5 MGBs and more ammo, a medkit, a grenade, and a gas mask. Turn around and look back down the ravine. There is a pipe and board leading up to the left. You'll fight a few Nosalises. To your right after you kill the first Nosalis is a van with some ammo, knives, and two sets 2 MGBs (4 total). Go back to the path. Just past the truck is an orangish van on the left. There's a body in front of it with a gas mask, ammo, and a filter. Go around a small rocky hill on the left. There's a body at the back of a truck with 1 MGB and another gas mask. Continue down the path and hook around the end and you'll see some stairs. Run up the stairs to the area with the columns, but don't go around the corner. A demon will attack as you pass. Your journal will tell you to go right. Go left instead and down into another ravine. You'll have to break some icicles to get through. There's another small tunnel with some "radioactive" water. Run to the other end for 5 MGBs, some ammo, and some other supplies. Run back to the column area we just left. Watch out for the falling masonry as you come back up the stairs. You can either run up full speed or move back and stay away as it falls. At the corner of the library are some bodies with ammo and a medkit. Ignore your friends for a second and head to the far side of the courtyard for an orangish van with a case with 5 MGBs and some ammo. Turn back towards the library. On the right side of the courtyard by a low concrete wall is a body with more ammo and 16 MGBs. The demon will tag you again. Join the Rangers at the door. Total MGB in section: 38 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5.3] ___Library___ There's a body by the door with a mask and a filter. Once you enter the library proper, there's another body on the right with ammo, another mask, and another filter I've never been able to take. Go up to the next set of doors, which are blocked. Make a spiral around the room, heading back towards the way you came in on the balcony on the right side of the room. There are blatant ripoffs from Half-Life hanging from the ceiling, but they're fairly weak so just run by them. Above the door where you came in is another body with ammo, a mask, and a filter. Continue around the room, and run past another set of tentacles to find another body at the base of a concrete slab with more ammo. You can run up the slab to a hole in the wall, but read up first, there's an achievement: ---QUICK WITTED--- Open the doors in the library within 20 seconds. Ignore the bodies and loot, we'll get them in a bit. The first one is easy. After you go through the hole, turn to your right. There is a door that won't open. You can push it open a crack. You'll see a board at a diagonal. Use a throwing knife or a gun to break the board. Miller and Danila will come through, then let you out. After Miller opens the door, run through and go into the lit room to the left. Beyond the fallen column there are doors. The one on the right can be destroyed with your knife. Go through it and you'll see a hole high in the wall. Run up so that you can look through that hole. There's a chandelier visible. Shoot at it where it connects to the ceiling (a knife doesn't work) until it falls. If you were fast enough, you'll get the achievement. Follow Miller and Danila. We'll loot stuff later, Miller has some important info about the next set of enemies. When the Demon attacks, let them deal with it and go loot stuff. There are bodies with ammo in the first room (where you shot the plank from), by a window in the lit room, in the room where you broke down the door, one at the foot of the stairs under the chandelier, and one by the wall on the right side of the stairs that also has a filter. In the room where you broke through the door is a revolver with stock, scope, and extended barrel. Since silencers decrease damage, this is the best pistol for the end-game. Walk up into the next room where Miller is. There is more ammo on a body in a corner at the right side of the room. The rest of the level is linear. The last door you'll have to break to get in. Total MGB in section: 0 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5.4] Depository___ The "Heavy Reading" subsection here is a thorough walkthrough. If you don't want to mess with the Librarians and don't mind missing some loot, the "Light Reading" section is a full speed charge that will get you past the section. Despite what Miller told you, fighting and running from Librarians are both valid options. The only weapon that really works for killing them, though, is the Helsing (which is why I've been telling you to hold on to one). There's an achievement to get here: ---HEAVY READER--- Kill a Librarian. The speed run misses the shotgun ammunition on the first corpse in the area and a filter later on. *** SECTION A: HEAVY READING *** In the area where you enter, before you drop down, search to the left for 5 MGBs and a throwing knife. To the right is a revolver with extended barrel and stock. You'll see a Librarian after you drop down. This is a good one to kill if you're only going to kill one. They have ridiculous health, don't seem to be affected by grenades, and will run away if injured. The best way to kill them is with a fully pumped Helsing. It usually takes about 4-6 shots to kill them, less with headshots. If you don't have a Helsing, use MGBs and hope it dies before you have to reload. The "correct" way to deal with Librarians is to stare them down: aim directly at their head but don't shoot. You'll still have to move back a bit. They'll eventually lose interest and leave, but they'll be back. I don't really bother with trying to do this. The easiest way to deal with them is to simply run past, but you really need to know where you're going and you may miss some loot, not that there's anything really important here. They don't chase you very far, though you'll more than likely run into another Librarian's territory. Once you've dealt with the first Librarian, loot the stuff from the corpse he was hanging over and head right. You'll run into a second Librarian here. To the right side of the T intersection is a body with a filter. To the left side of the T intersection is an open door. Go through and the door will close. This next room has a body with some revolver ammo. Through the door on the far right corner is another Librarian and another T intersection. To the right of the "T" there is a filter on the ground. To the left of the "T" are some cabinets, a medpack, and the way forward through the hole. You'll come to a bathroom with a body with some shotgun ammo. There are 5 MGBs on the ground just behind the body in the room with the urinals. There's a hole in the wall with some shotgun ammo. Go around and grab it from the far side. There is another Librarian here who will run up the stairs. There's a body at the foot of the stairs with a filter. Go up the stairs. Turn right into a room with a lot of holes in the floor. Opposite the entrance is a hole in the wall with a few arrows around it. Face the window to the right of the entrance and walk backwards, avoiding the holes. A Librarian will jump up from the room below near where the arrows were. In the far left corner of the room with all the holes is a hole you can jump down. It has a body with a filter and 5 MGBs. You can climb back up the bookcases. Just above that room is a low hole in the wall. There's a body there with some ammunition, a filter, and a medkit. Open the grate on the far side of the room and look down a hallway with more holes. There's another Librarian. To the left of that Librarian is a door into a dark area. Go through that dark area, keeping right, until you run into another open area with holes in the floor. Head for the elevator shaft on the far side. There are some medkits in the elevator. You can take off your mask. You'll end up in a room. Just charge across it to the door on the far side, there's nothing to get and there's a Librarian here. *** SECTION B: LIGHT READING *** I'll list any loot you can pick up without messing with Librarians as "safe." This is not a "walk through" this is a "run through." Speed is your only defense. Safe. Before you jump down: 5 MGBs and a knife left. Safe. Before you jump down: ammo and a revolver right. 1. Jump down. 2. Go through the door to the right side of the room. 3. Run past a door on your left. 4. At the T intersection, go left and through the door. Safe. Take the ammo from the corpse. 5. Go through the door, and run past the Librarian. (into the door he came out of) 6. Duck and crawl through the hole. Safe. Take the ammo from the corpse and the 5 MGBs just past it. "Safe". Take the ammo from the hole in the wall. 8. Walk around the wall, past a green-lit area, and you'll see the Librarian in the hallway. Slowly follow him up the stairs. 9. At the top of the stairs, turn right. Safe. Take the arrows from near the hole in the wall on the far side. 10. Turn right at the next corner and drop down the hole at the far end. Safe. Take the 5 MGBs and the filter. 11. Go back up the bookcase and crawl through the hole in the wall. Safe. Move well into that room for ammo, filter, and medpack. 12. Open the grate at the far side of the room. 13. Run around the corner. A Librarian will jump out of a hole. 14. Run through the door to the left of the Librarian. 15. Run around the corner, keeping right when possible. 16. Run down the room, past the holes, into the elevator. Safe. Medkits in the elevator. Mask off. 17. Run across the room to the door on the far side. Total MGB in section: 15 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5.5] ___Archives___ Again, this is split into a normal walkthrough and a speed run option. The speed run misses 5 MGBs and some Helsing, revolver and rifle ammo. *** SECTION A: THOROUGH RESEARCH *** You'll see two Librarians in the room. One of them will leave if you disturb them, so deal with the other one. There's some ammo by the body that they were snacking on, an arrow in a pillar before the body, two arrows in a pillar near the body, and an arrow in the cabinet to the left. At the far end of the room and you'll find a staircase. Run down it or fall. At the exit to the stairwell, you'll be on the second level of a ruined area. There's a Librarian running around below. Directly across from the entrance to the room but on the lower level is an alcove with a ribcage and some ammo. Get to the center of this room on the upper level. You can take a ramp up on the side or do a running jump from the starting area. You should be on some boards. There are two pipes that go up into the ceiling. Climb up there and you'll find a body with 5 MGBs and some ammo. If you crawl on top of the ventilation ducts you should see another body at the far end of the room with more ammo and a medkit. Follow these along the top of the wall (you'll have to jump across some boards) and you'll come to a large ventilation shaft. The opening has a light bulb and a ribcage. Follow this down, but be sure not to stop by the grate on the left side. At the end of the shaft, drop down, take some ramps, then drop down again. You'll see a sleeping Librarian. To the right of him is 5 MGBs. Go down the path away from where you found the sleeper and go through a door. There's another sleeping librarian in the dark area in the corner. Past that corner there is a green glowing crystal in the floor. Past the crystal is some ammo and a medkit. To the right of crystal is a door. Take it and follow the stairs up. At the top of the stairs, hook around to the right. Jump over the gaps, the boards are unreliable. Go down the stairs on the far side. In the next room is another sleeping Librarian. You can sneak around him if you don't disturb bones. There's a gas mask on a skull to the right. The rest of this level has no enemies. At the top of the stairs past the sleeping Librarian, look in the first office on the right for a safe with ammo and filters. Just outside the office is a cabinet with ammunition on top. The archive we're looking for is the door on the left side of the room. *** SECTION B: JUST GOOGLE IT *** This is the running walkthrough. Again, speed is your defense. 1, Run past the two librarians to the hallway at the far end of the room. 2. Get down the stairs, and go back up the ladder if you go too far. 3. In the next room, do a running jump from the platform to the far side. 4. Run to the upper center of the room (where the boards are). 5. Take the two pipes up into the ceiling. Safe. Body with 5 MGBs and ammo. 6. Move to the far side of the room on top of the ventilation ducts. Safe. Body with ammo and a medkit. 7. Follow the ducts along the wall, jumping down and back from boards. 8. Go in the duct on the right with the lightbulb and ribcage. 9. After you pass the boot, do not stop. 10. Drop down to the area with the sleeping librarian. 11. Run left and take the door at the end of the hall. 12. Keep right, then turn left at the darkened corner. 13. Go through the door on the right near the glowing green crystal. 14. GO through the door to the left and up the stairs. 15. Jump over all of the gaps, don't walk on the boards. 16. Go down the next set of stairs. 17. Sneak past the sleeping Librarian. The rest of this level has no enemies. At the top of the stairs past the sleeping Librarian, look in the first office on the right for a safe with ammo and filters. Just outside the office is a cabinet with ammunition on top. The archive we're looking for is the door on the far left side of the room. Total MGB in section: 10 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [5.6] ___Driving to Sparta___ This is actually the last place you can get the Metro Dweller achievement. I got it when talking to Khan. You also get a **FLASH POINT** from talking to Khan. There's a cache of stuff here. Grab the Kalash 2012 here, even if yours has a scope and silencer. The silencer reduces damage, and you won't have any really long range targets that the laser sight can't handle. The shotgun here is the last one you'll find in the game, and you continue to find shells. I still prefer the Helsing. The cache has ammunition, sticky grenades, medkits, knives, filters, a gas mask, 30 MGBs, and some night vision goggles if for some bizarre reason you don't have any yet. Talk to Miller to end the area. Total MGB in section: 30 Total FLASH POINT in section: 1 ___ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- II*6 ---Chapter 6----------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [6.1] ___Dark Star___ This is a short area with no loot. It starts with a vision. Follow the thing for a **FLASH POINT**. You'll lose a flash point if you walk away. This is the only opportunity to get an achievement, but it's very hard not to get: ---PYRO--- Kill 5 enemies with the flamethrower. There's a big fight where you get to man the flamethrower. It's actually fairly hard since you can't see a bloody thing when you're using it. Sweep it back and forth just in front of the rangers and you should kill most of the enemies. If an enemy gets up on the carriage you'll have to fight it off with your normal weapons. After having some flaming fun, follow the rangers to end the level. Total MGB in section: 0 Total FLASH POINT in section: 1 (-1) ___ [6.2] ___Dungeon___ This is an escort mission. The guy you're protecting is the old guy who isn't wearing armor or a helmet. He's using an automatic shotgun. The key is really to stand right by him and get the attention of the nosalises. You don't actually have to kill them, just keep them busy while everyone else blows them away. Expect to use some medkits. The hallway narrows just ahead. To the left of the hallway is a half-open rusty door. Head in for some filters, some ammo, and 35 MGBs. The path keeps going in a linear fashion. When you get to the room with the breakers, look into a side room on the left for 10 MGBs behind a counter in the near left corner of the room. There's a nosalis limb nearby. Flip the breakers in the room. The one on the left turns on the lights, the one by the door opens the door. Hang back by the guy you're protecting and keep the nosalises off him (and you). He's not totally helpless, but he can get overwhelmed if you don't pay attention. There are three waves. The last one can get a little hairy. MGBs might be a good idea, since you'll start finding substantial numbers of them soon enough and there isn't anything left to buy. You should also use your grenades, since you're going to lose them all anyway soon enough. Be sure to loot the dead body at the end of the level after the lone Nosalis attacks. It has ammo and a medkit. Total MGB in section: 45 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ___ [6.3] ___Cave___ At the right as you start is a room with an open ammo case that has 30 MGBs and some ammo. There are also some filters and a fresh mask. There are two more waves of Nosalis to fight. As before, protect Vladimir. At the far side of the first room as you go down some stairs there is a small box with a gas mask and a medkit. The second wave can be fairly challenging. Keep moving forward. You'll be told to go under a door that doesn't fully open. Ready your best weapon, take off your gas mask, and plunge under. If you're using the Helsing or Tihar, start pumping as soon as you get a chance. You'll get attacked by a new kind of Nosalis. He's really a lot like the Librarians, and again pumped Helsing shots are the best way to kill him. If you don't want him to run away, keep your light off. Once he's dead, go into the next room for some ammo and 15 MGBs in a case on the floor. You'll come to a split in the path, which is actually a square hallway that encircles a central room. The door to the room is on the right side, and you have to break it down to get in. There's some ammo there. Go back to the fork and go left. There's another breakable door to the left and the room has a safe with 44 MGBs. There are also some arrows and filters in the room. Follow your journal compass to a manhole. Put your gas mask on and go down. Follow your journal compass out, and take your gas mask off. There is another Nosalibrarian. Kill it and then walk out into the cave area. Follow the path to the left around the outside of the cave. Opposite where you came in there are three arrows sticking out of the wall. If you continue on the path, circling back towards where you started, there is a case with ammunition and a medkit. Go down into the platform in the center, and there is a rifle with 18 MGBs sitting next to a body. Follow your journal compass out. There's a spare gas mask in a locker at the end. Total MGB in section: 77 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ___ [6.4] ___D6___ Follow Miller. Watch out for the sparks between the trains. In the second train there is a cache with a gas mask, 50 MGBs, a filter, and another rifle. Follow Miller up to the control room. A blue locker in the back has a filter, a gas mask, and 38 MGBs. Follow Miller's instructions to start the generator. The only non-obvious part of this exercise is that you have to hold the button, not just press it. The "correct" button is even helpfully marked with a flashing red light. Once the thing is on, take off your mask. The walkway collapses on the way back, so just jump off of it. Wait and follow Miller. You'll have to crouch to get on the lift. When you get off, activate the little yellow vehicle in front of you when Miller asks if anyone has ideas. Farther to the right is a similar vehicle with 42 MGBs and a rifle. Follow the rangers through the door the vehicle opened. On the left side of the room is a rifle with some ammo. There's a shelf by the door in the lit booth with 42 MGBs. Follow everyone into the control center. There's a shelf midway down the right side of the room with ammo, a rifle, medkits, and some filters. There are some new enemies here: amoebas. Kill 5 of them for an achievement: ---PATHOANATOMIST-- Kill 5 Amoebas. Those are the only 5 you will kill. In fighting amoebas, the only thing that really matters is killing the spawners. Let Miller kill the rest. Follow Miller down on the lift. The next two areas are fairly annoying. Once you hit the destination on the lift, turn around and look at the far, far wall. You'll see pulsing green-blue blobs on the walls and flooor. Shoot them. This is a great place to get some mileage from your pistol if you haven't been using it much, especially if it has a sight and your rifle doesn't. When you don't see any more spawners, step out of the lift and go to the yellow truck on your right. In the back is a huge cache of ammo and 15 MGBs. There's a filter here as well. Miller will not walk too far ahead of you, and generally he can hold his ground against the amoebas as long as he's standing still. Stay way back from him and shoot any other spawners. Don't waste your time killing the amoebas once you have the achievement. Make your way forward, sniping the spawners at maximum range while Miller splatters the Amoebas with his Bioshock ripoff shotgun. After you have run the gauntlet, search a red box leaning against another yellow truck thing for another cache of ammo. There are two red wall lockers to the left of the lift which have medkits, filters, and a fresh mask. Total MGB in section: 172 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ___ [6.5] ___Biomass___ Miller takes your grenades. It doesn't matter much, they weren't going to help here anyway. Yep, it's another blob escort. Strategy is slightly different here because there is no clear line of sight. Use your assault rifle on the blob spawners, and don't be stingy with the ammo. You may as well use the real thing, there isn't much left to the game. Try and save 200 or so MGBs for the last area. Once you clear it and Miller comes to a ladder, go back and look around. There are a set of shelves near the elevator with a lot of ammo, medkits, and gas masks. There's a red wall locker with ammo and 30 MGBs in between two pillars left of the path from the elevator to the ladder. Further down the path, if you hook around to the right, there is another set of shelves with ammo, medkits, filters, and some rifles. Follow Miller up the ladder. Watch the scene. Afterwards, use the big red button to open the right side door and run out past the reactor core. It's radioactive (I'd hope so!) but you won't take much damage. Take the ladder on the far side up to the cab that Miller mentioned. Enter the cab with the red button on the side. More or less you move the cab around using the usual commands. Your objective is to move it to one of the three green targets until it says "Contact zone reached." When it does, hold down the left mouse button until you extract the rod. Repeat three times. There isn't really a trick to this, so just keep trying until you get it. It does help to have the crane a little extended (using left mouse) so that you don't have to wait quite as long when you hit the contact zone. Move the cab up by the walkway on the right side when you're done, then use the action button to leave. Total MGB in section: 30 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ___ [6.6] ___Separation___ Hardest. Level. Ever. Head to where the guys are waiting for some supplies, including 50 MGBs, grenades, a filter, a gas mask, and ammo. Put your gas mask on before you leave. Pick up the thing with the tripod, and get in the train with Miller. Total MGB in section: 50 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ___ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- II*7 --- Chapter 7---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___ [7.1] ___Tower___ this level is a non-stop Nosalis festival. Use MGBs if you haven't switched by now, there's no reason to save them after this. There are 210 more of them in a supply crate, as well as some more normal ammo and a gas mask. This area should be familiar. When the part from the prologue ends, though, you'll have to keep going. There's one ranger body by the fire and one underneath the truck. Loot them for ammo and medkits... or don't bother if you have plenty. Stay close to Miller, and be generous with the MGBs. There is exactly one enemy after this section, so there's absolutely no reason to not go all out. Use your medkits, there are plenty in this area. As you follow Miller, you'll pass a guy on the left who has a medkit and a fresh gas mask. When you reach the little wooden building, there's a red locker on the chair with another medkit and another gas mask. Total MGB in section: 210 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ___ [7.2] ___Top___ There's an open red locker in front of you with a gas mask and a filter. Head right as quickly as possible. You'll have to climb up a whitish cabinet. You'll come around the edge of the tower into an internal area with another red locker, another gas mask, and another filter. A Demon will attack. Take cover on the inside of the building if it does. You can't kill it quite yet. Follow the path around, hugging the outer side. You'll eventually come across some very skeletal looking metal stairs that will bring you up to Miller's level. You'll come up to Miller and the demon. Kill the demon. This is the easy kill for Inquisitor, so if you've gotten any other demon, you're good. You can loot Miller's rifle if it amuses you, there'll never be a chance to use it. Go to the outer rim of the tower and follow the path left. You should see some stuff you can climb up. Get on the ladder. Spam the action button until you're on level ground again. Follow the path forward until you get to a door into the tower. Down the stairs are some filters. Head up. Exit the tower and head left when you can't go any higher. Follow the path to the left until you come across another ramp of sorts up to the next floor. Enter the tower, and make some hops up the broken ramp up. One will fall, and spam action until you're on solid ground again. Head up the ladder. After the vision, follow the metal walkway to another ladder. Head up, and you'll be at the top. Walk out onto the narrow walkway to set up the tripod thing. You'll show up in an odd area. The floor will fill out beneath you as long as you're walking towards a door from the center. Open all four doors. You'll see a thing surrounded by red. Move towards it to end the level. Total MGB in section: 0 Total FLASH POINT in section: 0 ___ [7.3] ___Ethereal___ Back in the odd area. In summary: 1. Turn around 360 degrees and run down the path. 2. Take a left turn. When the thing appears, turn around. 3. Keep running, and take a left turn again. 4. Run around in at least one circle around the square room. 5. Turn around and keep running. 6. When the thing appears, turn around and keep running. 7. Turn right at the T intersection. This next area is even stranger. Sometimes the floor will fill out in front of you, and sometimes it won't, so don't run too fast. You are, however, being chased (albeit slowly), so don't dawdle. 1. Turn until you see a path forward. 2. Run and jump over the gap in the path. 3. Don't take the first left. 4. Take the right turn the next time the path forks. 5. Jump over the holes that appear in the path. There are several. 6. Go left at the fork. The next scene is self explanatory. Once you get back to the top of the tower, you can either shoot the tripod thing off the platform: ---ENLIGHTENED--- The "good" ending. Or do nothing: ---IF IT's HOSTILE, YOU KILL IT--- The default or "bad" ending. If you didn't have enough flash points, you only get the second option. Total MGB in section: n/a Total FLASH POINT in section: n/a ___ _________________________________________________________________________ III. Achievements Summary _________________________________________________________________________ "Trivial" (*): Hard not to get. "Easy" (**): Does not require any particular effort. "Moderate" (***): Will require active work, but isn't actually hard. "Hard" (****): Tedious or frustrating to do. "Annoying" (*****): Possible to fail even if you're reading a walkthrough. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- III*1. ---Kill and Weapon Achievements----------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---NOSALIS HUNTER--- 30 Nosalis kills. Available: Many areas Difficulty: Trivial (*) Notes: This achievement is almost impossible not to get, given that the Nosalis are one of the basic enemies in the game. You might be able to not get it if you let your allies make all the kills and ran through some areas rather than fighting. ---FIRE IN THE HOLE--- 20 Lurker kills Available: 2.2, 4.4, 4.5 Difficulty: Easy (**) Notes: There are lurkers everywhere in Defense and Child, but not that many. They're weak enough and annoying enough to kill that you could easily run by them. ---PATHOANATOMIST-- Kill 5 Amoebas. Available: 6.4, 6.5 Difficulty: Easy (**) Notes: There really isn't any reason to kill amoebas, since Miller does it faster than you can, so you do actually have to choose to do this achievement, but given the infinite numbers it's impossibly easy to do once you choose it. ---INQUISITOR--- Kill two demons. Available: 2.6, 2.7, 4.6, 7.2 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: One kill is automatic in 7.2. The kill in 2.6 is probably the easiest, though 4.6 has two demons and two sticky grenades as well. ---HEAVY READER--- Kill a Librarian. Available: 5.4, 5.5 Difficulty: Easy (**) Notes: The Helsing makes killing Librarians a simple matter. ---COWBOY--- 30 kills with the revolver Available: Any level with an enemy. Difficulty: Easy (**) Notes: You could theoretically forget to use the revolver, as it's never the best weapon for any situation, but seeing as you have one at all times, it's hard not to use it at least a little. ---OLD SCHOOL--- 30 kills with the Duplet Available: Any time after 1.2 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: Quite possible to miss since most will switch to the other shotguns as soon as they're available. ---AIR GUNNER--- 30 kills with pneumatic weapons (See section IV.2) Available: Any time after 2.2 Difficulty: Easy (**) Notes: The Helsing is such an excellent weapon that this is hard to miss. ---SNIPER--- Make 25 headshots Available: Almost any level. Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: It's not clear if they have to be lethal headshots, but given that Nosalis heads are fast moving targets and there's no reason to do a headshot with a throwing knife, you could very easily miss this. ---SLICE & DICE--- 20 kills with the combat knife Available: Any level with an enemy. Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: Other than lurkers, most enemies are dangerous enough that using the knife is a risky proposition. On Easy difficulty this is trivial to get. ---HEAVY METAL--- 15 kills with the stationary machine gun. Available: 3.4, 4.1, 4.2 Difficulty: Annoying (*****) Notes: There are three machine guns you can use. One has very little ammo, one only two possible targets, and one has maybe ten reasonable targets, so getting 15 isn't that easy. ---KA-BOOM--- 10 kills with grenades (See section IV.3) Available: Any time after 2.2 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: See the section with notes. Grenades require practice to use effectively, so this is an easy one to miss. ---NINJA--- 10 kills with throwing knives Available: Any time after 2.2 Difficulty: Easy (**) Notes: Unless you ignored stealth entirely, you will have killed far more than ten enemies with throwing knives. ---PYRO--- Kill 5 enemies with the flamethrower. Available: 6.1 Difficlty: Trivial (*) Notes: The fight isn't trivial, but you'll get a lot more than five kills with the flamethrower without any trouble. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- III*2. ---Mission-specific Achievements----------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---FIRST BLOOD--- Kill a Nosalis in the prologue Avaiable: 0.1, 0.2 Difficulty: Trivial (*) Notes: One of the first nosalis you see doesn't seem to die from Miller's bullets, so it's possible that this achievement is unavoidable. ---QUICK DRAW--- Prevent the Nosalises from getting through the grates Available: 0.2 Difficulty: Annoying (*****) Notes: This isn't really that hard, but it requires some persistence and there's no reliable way to make it happen. ---GENEROUS--- Give money to a couple of people. Available: 1.1, 2.1 Difficulty: Easy (**) Notes: With the walkthrough this is trivial, but you could miss it without directions. ---REALIST--- Refuse to give the bullet. Available: 2.1 Difficulty: Trivial (*) Notes: Hard to miss this one unless you're compulsively generous. ---RANGER--- Find all the hidden caches Available: 2.6, 2.7 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: It's not exactly clear what counts as a "cache" but this is simple to get with the walkthrough. ---EXORCIST--- Complete "Ghosts" and "Anomaly" without dying Available: 3.2, 3.3 Difficulty: Easy (**) Notes: As long as you're paying attention and playing the game in a language you understand, this shouldn't be hard. You could nominally die in the Nosalis fight if you were careless. ---DEMOLITIONIST--- Blow stuff up at Cursed Available: 3.4 Difficulty: Trivial (*) Notes: You can't complete the game without getting this achievement. ---FUGITIVE--- Complete the chase without getting caught. Available: 3.5 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: With the walkthrough this is trivial since you know where to go. ---INVISIBLE MAN--- Kill no one in Front Line Available: 4.1 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: The fastest of the three achievements. Stealth suit a must. ---HEDGE HOPPER--- Kill everyone in Front Line Available: 4.1 Difficulty: Hard (****) Notes: Long and a bit tedious, especially the Nazi front line. ---RESCUE RANGER--- Save the three captured commies Available: 4.1 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: This is the route worth the most flash points. ---TANK BUSTER--- Break the Panzer. Available: 4.2 Difficulty: Trivial (*) Notes: You can't complete the game without getting this achievement. ---RAIDER--- Kill the guard before he alerts the station Available: 4.3 Difficulty: Easy (**) Notes: With the bouncing cart, this isn't impossibly easy, but it should not pose a real challenge. ---DJ ARTYOM--- Broadcast the message. Available: 4.6 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: Requires a bit of a detour, but not much. ---MERCIFUL--- Complete Black Station without killing anyone Available: 4.7 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: Given the very short path you have to run, this isn't that much of a challenge, but you need to know where to go. ---QUICK WITTED--- Open the doors in the library within 20 seconds. Available: 5.3 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: With a walkthrough this is a joke. ---ENLIGHTENED--- The "good" ending. Available: 7.3, nominally any area with a flash point Difficulty: Hard (****) Notes: It's unclear how many flash points you have to have to get the good ending. Likely you need something around 75%. ---IF IT's HOSTILE, YOU KILL IT--- The default or "bad" ending. Available: 7.3 Difficulty: Trivial (*) Notes: You can get this ending if you qualify for the good ending. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- III*3. ---General Achievements-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---EXPLORER--- Find all the hidden places in the Metro Available: Most levels. Difficulty: Unknown Notes: I got this on my first playthrough before the last chapter, but it's not clear what is included in this achievement. ---METRO DWELLER--- Interact with people Available: 0.2, 1.1, 2.1, 2.5, 3.5, 5.6 Difficulty: Annoying (*****) Notes: Incredibly tedious to do. ---SCROOGE--- Save 500 military-grade rounds Available: Anywhere Difficulty: Easy (**) Notes: By the end of the game MGBs rain from the sky, so this isn't a big challenge unless you tend to use the MGBs. ---METRO TRADER--- Buy 10 items (other than bullets) in shops Available: 1.1, 2.1, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.1 Difficulty: Easy (**) Notes: There really isn't much worth buying, so you might have to buy some trash and then reload to get this. ---WHEELER-DEALER--- Use 500 MGB to buy other bullets Available: 1.1, 2.1, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.1 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: While this is easy to do, especially by Polis, you have to sit back and do it, as there's little reason to buy ammunition in a normal game. ---SHERLOCK--- Find all the MGBs in the metro stations Available: 1.1, 2.1, 2.5, 3.5 Difficulty: Annoying (*****) Notes: Almost impossible to do without a walkthrough. ---SOFT TOUCH--- Disarm 10 traps Available: 2.2, 2.6, 4.1, 4.3, 4.6 Difficulty: Moderate (***) Notes: It's far too easy to just jump over the traps instead. _________________________________________________________________________ IV. Notes and thoughts _________________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- IV*1. ---Stealth---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are several achievements that are driven by not killing things, so stealth is a really good idea. It's generally useless against the "monster" enemies, though there are some Librarians you can avoid with it. Metro 2033's stealth system is fairly normal, and is driven by four things: light, facing, sound, and awareness. Light is the easiest. If you hit "T" or if you have the night vision goggles on, you'll see a "three" color scale. Red means you are blindingly obvious and anyone who looks in your general direction will see you. You are always red when your headlamp is on. Yellow means you are fairly easy to see, but enemies may not notice you unless you're close. Green means you're well hidden, and enemies willhave to be very close to see you. There's also a "sub-green" light value which only takes place if you have the stealth suit. At that setting, unaware enemies will walk right by you unless you're directly in front of them. Controlling light is rarely simple. In some areas you can get around it by shooting the lights out. If you're outside, you'll have to rely on controlling direction instead. Enemies with night vision treat you as "red" at all times. The second element is facing. If an enemy is not facing you, they cannot see you, and the red/yellow/green is irrelevant. If you can block an enemy's line of sight, you can walk through brightly lit areas as long as you're quiet. Controlling facing requires patience, waiting for enemies to turn or move away. Quick movements are also necessary to get from cover to cover. The third element is sound. Running generates sound, as does gunfire, the environment, and any enemy that is injured but not dead. Sound is the easiest element to control. Crouching makes movement more or less silent. The only thing to watch for is glass, paper, or disturbable objects, typically broken chairs or pieces of wood. Even silenced weapons make some sound, so don't shoot at enemies when they're near you unless they're alone. Enemies that don't die in one hit make all sorts of sounds. The stealth suit reduces the sound you make from jumping or landing. Breaking lights, reloading weapons, and breathing like a jet engine when a filter is running out do not generate sounds that enemies can hear. The following weapons are silent: Throwing knives All pneumatic weapons Revolvers with silencers All VSV rifles The Kalash 2012 you buy in Polis The combat knife and the throwing knife melee attack are silent to use, but never result in one hit kills so the target will alert nearby enemies if you use them. They work just fine for breaking lights. Awareness is essentially how hard an enemy is looking. If they don't suspect anything, avoiding them is much easier. Seeing a dead comrade will immediately tip them off into at least a partial awareness of your presence. Controlling awareness is critical. Enemies that have partially detected you move around a lot more and are harder to aim at. Enemies that have fully detected you know exactly where you are and will hunt you relentlessly. They do not appear to "forget" once they have been set off, so restore a previous save if you really need them to be unaware. If they are partially aware, they will face the last place they saw or heard you, so you can still sneak up on them from the other direction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- IV*2. Pneumatic weapons--------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most of the other weapons in the game are just first person shooter standards. The pneumatics are more exotic. Just a note on controls: to reload, tap "r." To pump, hold "r" and left-click. You can overpressurize the weapons by pumping when they're already at "full." This is obvious on the Tihar, but the Helsing's "full" is about 2/3rds of that little red bar. If you switch weapons, reload, or move to a new area of the game, any overpressurized weapon will immediately drop to 100%. Firing a shot from a Tihar drops the pressure by about 5% and the Helsing by 10% or so. You can overpressurize to about 130%. Over- pressured weapons lose pressure automatically and will drop back to 100% from full overpressure in about 30 seconds. The Tihar is more or less a silenced assault rifle that can do good damage or poor damage depending on how charged it is. It's not useful in long fights, and is best used for sniping enemies. The ammunition is rare, but it's cheap to buy if you like the weapon. It's fully automatic, but since it loses pressure rapidly and has a limited clip compared to the assault rifles. There is almost always a better weapon to use except for very early in the game, but the ammo is worthless to sell so you may as well use it. There is no ammunition available for this weapon after chapter 5, and the last Tihar available is found in chapter 4. The Helsing fires arrows which can usually by reclaimed after firing. Shots that miss are more likely to disappear. It is the weapon of choice for taking out strong single enemies, since you can fire off the whole clip without "wasting" ammo but like the Tihar it has limited utility in long fights. There are only 60 or so arrows in the game, but their reusability makes this a non-issue. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- IV*3. Explosives---------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The grenades in this game are not that great since they have relatively long fuses and it's very difficult to predict where an enemy will be at the end of the fuse. They're sort of slow to use against Nosalises, and most human fights have a desire for stealth that creates a problem with a big boom. The key to using the non-sticky variety is to hold the right button until the fuse has burned down somewhat. This cannot really be explained, it has to be practiced. The objective is to have the grenade explode right by the target rather than waiting for them to walk into it. Air bursts seem to be mysteriously ineffective. You can simply spam grenades during some of the "neverending wave of Nosalis" fights, such as the one before Market Station with Bourbon. Since there are enemies everywhere, there's a good chance you'll hit something. You can also toss grenades in front of yourself then run past them when fighting Nosalis. The enemy will chase you and end up on top of the grenade when it goes off. Grenades appear to have almost no effect on Librarians and the armored Nosalis in D6, two types of enemies that they would be very useful against. They also don't seem to work against amoebas, so Miller taking your grenades away really isn't a big deal. Sticky grenades are primarily useful for killing Demons, which are fairly rare and sometimes easier to ignore than kill. Using them on basic Nosalis is suicidal and hitting a human with them is more trouble than it's worth. They function perfectly well as normal grenades. To switch between the two grenade types, hit 5 again or use the mouse scroll wheel. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- IV*4. Notes on ammo frequency--------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- On one playthrough without any ammo exchange, I acquired: 1,391 MGBs 5,259 5.45 rounds 1,225 Shotgun shells 978 Revolver rounds 514 Tihar rounds 62 Helsing arrows Make of this what you will. It should be fairly obvious that there is no shortage of ammunition in the game. _________________________________________________________________________ V. Credits and the fine print _________________________________________________________________________ All credit for the game itself goes to THQ and 4A Games. Story credit is to Dmitry Glukhovsky. Spasibo! Some references I used in the making of this guide: BigC 6one3 on Xbox360Achievements.org for the Sherlock walkthrough. nyiaor2's walkthrough for pointing out a few bodies and stashes I missed. This guide may be reprinted by any source that chooses to use it, so long as it is not modified other than for formatting and the credits are not modified without consent. The author of this guide may be contacted by email at: akay225(at) comcast.net Messages sent by carrier pigeon or smoke signal will also be accepted. Version 1.0 of this guide, the initial full release. This is Version 1.01, which fixes formatting in the achievements section.