Call of Duty 2 Reader Review

Call of Duty 2, many in th gaming world have said that this is the best ever WW2 fps, and i agree but the game itself is not perfect.

Overall the game is very good with a good single player , nice multiplayer and brilliant online play. i shall talk abit about each of these subjects as follows


the single player campaigns are one of the best i have ever played, with 4 ranges of difficulty,ranging from begginner to veteren.I started playing the single player on the veteren level as advised in the eurogamers preview. the first mission is a russian training camp in which you are attacked by a lot of german troops. what strook me first is the level of graphics. the graphics are brilliant. each detail is easily seen and most of the terrain is destuctable.i would recommend any who is thinking of buying the game to play it on veteren, it is alot moe challenging and takes 10X more time. i compared the hardest level and the easiest and found that it took my half the time to complete a level and was not as fun either

the multiplayer mode is good, having a range of activities in which you can play such as team death match, search and destroy , and headquarters. there are more as all the game types you can get all the wepons of the game and there are many maps to choose from as well.

the online play is spectacular. if you find a good map with many players on team deathmatch the firefights are extremely realistic which each bullet flying being heard. i played this is surround sound so the noise was great.

extra notes

some of the best bits of the game are the health systems and the battle chatter. the health is virtual meaning you have no health bar so no need to search for medipacks ( at last!). your health has 3 stages, good, shot , and critical all measured by the redness around your sights or if you go partially deaf ( on game ). it takes around 2 chest shots to send you to critical which makes you extra careful to find cover. after that, one shot and your dead. this can lead to very fustrating times, (especially on the harder settings) but the easiest way to prevent this , is to make uses of the 3 stances, standing pone and laying down. laying down makes it harder to move but means you have more cover. standing up is the opposite.

the battle chatter system makes it as if you really are there, each soldier will shout things which go with whats happening on screen, such as if a heavy machine gun is pouring shots into you squad, a member will shout to throw a smoke grenade and a member may shout when he kills a enemy, for instance after a long time at long range.

overall i think this is my favourite of wargames but i need to stress that if you but the game, play it at veteren, as this is definatley the best. i am giving this game 9 as some of the levels are impossible hard on the higher levels so i get annoyed and end up not playing for a few days.

9 / 10

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