Call of Duty 2 Reader Review

I'll start of with the Single player. Something I always found: "So good and yet so short" in the previous games. I'm glad to say that they have heard the many complaints on the shortness of this aspect an have give us a longer Single Player this time. Appart from being longer, it has also been improved greatly. Your team mates will shout out locations of enemy's, graphics are amazing, voice acting is brilliant and the AI has improved greatly. Having completed the Single Player on veteran level, i must say that it was enough of a challenge for Single Player. But, wel all know... Call Of Duty isn't a game you buy for Single Player.

Multiplayer is what it's all about and this is where Call Of Duty 2 is a great dissapointment. I was a complete addict to United offensive and COD 1 before that, however COD 2 is just not an improvement. You can't sprint anymore, you can't cook granades and there are no more vehicles(although some people like this).

But one of the worst things they have added is a SHOTGUN. No, this is not a joke. It is in there and they call it a trench gun. I'm not going into the fact this is historicaly inaccurate. I will however say it dominates the whole Multiplayer game. Because you see, all the new maps are close range.

Did you like sniping? Rifling? A clear idea of where your team is, and where the enemy's is? Then you're in for a great shock. In COD2, you always get killed from behind, with a trench gun(shotgun). If you do like sniping, rifling,... then you've got about 2 or 3 maps to do it on.

A few other things that keep this game from being worth 10/10 are: - Your crosshair looks like it's been drawn on your screen with a white pensil. - You have an indicator that says when there is a granade next to you(makes it to hard to get nade kills) - You can hold your granades, you either throw them or nothing. - You find granades all the time, if you wanted to, you could throw nades the whole map - Granades are called "Frags", it just sounds like a forum term or something.

But one thing i really did notice is that COD2 has been made for the masses. It invites all the people from other games to come play COD, and in the process, it lost it's feeling. I'm sure that in the process, it also lost some great figures.


7 / 10

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