Far Cry 2 Reader Review

First I really like Far Cry 1. I love combat, stealth elements and AI of enemies.

I bough this Far Cry 2. Knowing it's different developer, Sand Box like game play, weak plot, no mutants. Fine, so far so good.

And I wasted money. Why?

  1. Combat is awful. It has nothing to do with Far Cry combat. It's plain, boring and unrealistic. Very much like BioShock shooting and it doesn't do it here.
  2. You can't lean from behind walls! (in 2008 game?! you gonna be kidding me). You can prone or crawl anymore either.
  3. There is no stealth anymore. Forget Far Cry hiding in the bushes. Not in FC2.
  4. Mouse controlls are bugged and smells with console. For love of God you can't tune up mouse to be responsive and accurate.

That's really enough for me to stop even traying to play this. Yea it might be a fair shooter. Maybe. But I'm not buying every fair shooters. Naming it "Far Cry" is a scam.

I honestly belive that if company releases a sequel then core elements of the game should be there. Sure there can be tweaks, changes, upgrades. But do not change the core.

I think it really boils down to combat. Far Cry had excellent combat, it was big thing. Aiming, shooting, sneaking. Hiding again. It was fun.

Here you have point and click combat, aiming is bad and doesn't really gives you the feel that it matters. Weapons seems rather blund. There is no disntinctive power feel you had in orignal FC.

It could be good. Settings and sandbox idea are sound. No mutants, I would be happy to play without them. Yet it's just another plain game that "could" be good. You see Far Cry 1 was good. Far Cry 2 could be "if".

For the fact it has nothing to do with real Far Cry in terms of game play and mechanics I rate it 1.

1 / 10

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