Resistance 2 Reader Review

The much anticipated game has been out a few months and the hype storm is now gathering in the skys over Killzone 2. So what of Reisitance 2.

The Single player game felt a lot easier than Fall of Man, there seemed to be fewer Chimera in Each fight scene. But the fights are gripping nonetheless and the increased variety of Chimera add to the mix and makes the game more interesting. 50's America is a great period to set the game in. After all it is the iconic period of classic sci-fi movies.

The story centring around Nathan Hale and a squad of sentinels is much more interesting.

Being restricted to two weapons at a time makes you think and hones your skills and preferences. Thankfully there's always a Laark or big gun to deal with any Big Daddy Chimera. In this respect the Game is kind to players new to the smarter AI that have the chimera not being fooled twice by your attacks.

You won't even notice how natural the next-gen game feels.

And once you finish the single player game there is months more gameplay in the co-op and competitive mode. You already know about the three classes of Medic, Special Ops and Soldier and you'll need a good balance of all three if you want to get through a cop-op game. There's a variety of level ups, armour and weapons as well as ribbons and medals. Plus the games do get tougher as yo level up so you have to stay on your toes and not get complacent. Teamwork is the key.

9 / 10


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