Ratchet: Gladiator Reader Review

25 December 2005


I wake up (thanks to my annoying 10 year old brother) And suddenly think "Yay Its chrismas, time to open my presents".

After a further 10 minutes of paper riping we find our last gift. (opens) I find a copy of Ratchet: Gladitor inside.


I already own the last 3 games so this comes as no surpise

25 December 2005

around 3.00pm ish

My Ratchet loving brother (I mean Ratchet lover) has just completed the second to last level and has unlocked the last stage of the game and a showdown with Ace Hardlight.(The game's last boss)


Don't get me wrong, the Ratchet & Clank series is one of the best series I have ever played.

But after the prevous 3 wonderful adventures (with number 2 being my fav) I was left rather disapointed with what was on that game disc. The plot was good but not the best with Ratchet being kiddnapped and being forced to compete on a illegal underground deathmatch T.V show called "Dreadzone" or face death. But this time around there has been a few changes which some were good while others didnt need to be made.

Good changes:

Combat bots are a nice change and can be very helpful in tight spots. Being able to pick your weapon upgrades such as Freeze, Acid, Shock and others like ammo,faster firing rate, and force of shots. The welcome return of gagets such as Grind Boots.

Bad Changes:

The removal of Clank and his very helpful Heli-Pack for flying and the Hydro-Pack for swimming. The mission style. Instead of the good old days of finding new a gaget, trying to locate new infomation and a good old boss battle.It's now get to here, drive this to here, capture these nodes, etc. And this happens EVERY dam fookin planet. A battle breaks out I turn a corner.Bad guys here, a few more there and theres no stop to it at all.

I have yet to try out the online multiplayer (for I do not have a network adapter) but my friend has tryed out the co-op and says its very good and will try it out myself soon. From the offline multiplayer I tryed in R&C 3 I was very impressed at smooth and easy it was to set up a quick 5 min deathmatch with a friend, so I was very happy when I found out it was more of the same (after the the disapointment of the single player)along with some more modes to try out such as kng of the hill and juggernaut. Graphics wise there has been no change but is still a very clean running game. But one thing that I must point out is that I was impressed with the level design with the change in styles from the icy temples of Shaar to the zombie infested grounds of Catacrom Four, also the funny one liners that the commenters say are quite smart

Overall this game has left me a buring question: Why did Insomniac stuff this one up. They had all the support from Sony, great game reviews from websites, magazines and the thousands of fans buying (that means me too) and enjoying a great saga of games. A good comeback title on the PS3/PSP can save this series. It will take a lot of work, but I think that Insomniac can pull it off.

7 / 10


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