Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Reader Review

I can only concur with Eurogamer regarding just how superb this is.

Taking all the best bits of the original FFT and making them better, it's actually mildly terrifying how big it is, and specfically how much bigger than the Playstation original it is, with something like 300 missions, and a stupidly large number of classes.

This isn't a remake either; although borrowing many of the same classes and suspiciously similar characters (FFT veterans will find Marshe immediately recognisible), it has an all-new story and setting, and many new game mechanics.

In particular the introduction of "Judges" was a stroke of genius, with certain towns disallowing certain attacks or abilities, and penalties being used against the combatants for breaking them. Better still, the classes are more balanced and thus far all have been actually useful additions, unlike some of the odder jobs in the original.

It's not all good though, the game's been remarkably easy so far (out of 64 battles, I've lost precisely zero, and I'm not boasting, the sheer wealth of skills and strategy on offer means that I can't see anyone reasonably competent at video games getting really stuck in it, which after the brutal buggery that was the difficulty of the original, is both a relief and a perverse disappointment), and the story's a kiddie friendly rip off of the Never Ending Story - which will serve to greatly anger those who were blown away by the incredibly complicated political goings on of the original.

Still, a comprehensive link mode, some absolutely beautiful graphics and hellishly addictive gameplay make this a must have.

9 / 10

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