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Ico must truly be one of the most overrated games ever...the game lacks engaging story, dialogue, gameplay etc. Its an abstract spacy game, soulless! The game mechanics is original I admit, but its simoly not fun.

You control Ico, helping him traverse the many hazards and obstacles found throughout the castle. The game is not unlike the classic Prince of Persia; its objectives and control mechanics are self-evident, with the main challenge found in its subtle environmental puzzles. Light physical puzzles are also present, but they're seldom focused upon. You will grasp the game's simple control scheme almost immediately, and very few permutations exist. Combat is similarly understated; you basically encounter one type of monster, which you can attack with one move. As such, the game will likely disappoint those craving sheer mechanical depth.

A detail; who builds a castle where you have to be an acrobat to get from room to room? I mean that bugged me so much, because there was nothing logical about the design of the castle. Everyone went on about how the game just takes place in this awesome beautiful castle and sure, it was pretty at times. But you could tell that each room was designed as a level for the game you know.

Also, there was very little story really. There's the prologue, and there's the epilogue, plus like 2 cut scenes. When you play a game for hours and hours, you sorta like to be somehow encouraged to finish the game. Especially cos it wasn't really that fun, it was just a bunch of puzzles that weren't that logical. And fighting the shadows wasn't fun at all.

So why the hype, why so much good reviews and awards...well i guess its the same with a Picasso painting...nobody really understands it, nobody really thinks its beautiful...but if someone asks you what do you think of a random Picasso painting. well say "its a master piece!" why? because that way you sound intellectual. You will sound cultured...

Ico and other "abtract" games (i.e Shadow of colossus) Well I for one say the emperor is naked! And while Ico is not BAD per se, just overrated in an astronomic way...

7 / 10

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