Triggerheart Exelica Reader Review


Xbox Live Arcade recently had an influx of old school arcade shooters uploaded to it's library. While not as popular as the more challenging Ikaruga, Trigger Heart Exelica brings it's own simple charm to the table.

Packed with adorable Japanese girls in Mecha armour and easy to handle controls - Trigger Heart is defiantly one for shooter fans to sit back and relax with.

While I wouldn't recommended anyone paying the full 800ms points on the game, I really did enjoy my play through of Trigger Heart Exelica. One thing was how simple it was - You have shoot, move, anchor and bomb. The movement is simple, the learning curve is easy and the bosses are pretty quick if you keep your bombs reserved for them.

You have control over 2 Trigger Hearts - 'Exelica' and 'Crueltear'. While the main character Exelica shoots a spray around the area, Crueltear shoots in a direct up format like most weapons in this genre. Exelica will feel easier to use, while Crueltear will feel nostalgic for fans of shooters.

The anchor system was fun to use, grabbing ships and throwing them back to their friends felt rewarding - especially when all the bonus points come floating towards you.

The main flaw with the game is how it works. After some investigative work online, you can only access certain bosses after gaining amount of points. So unless you are good from the get go or love the reply shooters over and over, you will never know how to get those "true ending" achievements. The next is how short the title is - I managed to finish both single player modes under 15 mins with a break in between. Another reason to wait for it to hit a 600 or 400ms point price range.

7 / 10


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