The Orange Box Reader Review

Odd name huh, you'll soon neglect the title completely and look within to see a whirlpool of great games that will keep you busy for a long long time.

Half Life 2 - Ep 1 - Ep 2

Sure your a science geek and your basically to blame for all of the terrible events that started the whole thing, but you seem to be much liked as the free-man. The game begins within City 17 and then you use the rest of your time to escape it, knowing that your old work mate is the leader of a race called the combine all trying to kill you, because your popular and there not. You run into many key character such as Alyx who helps alot throughout the series of half life games, with her father and Dr. Kleiner helping out in the background. Overall there is no reason why anyone shouldn't like this series, likable characters, the best story i've ever played through and some mean ass alien baddies. A great all rounder.


I can basically just say that this segment of the orange box is perhaps one of the most refreshing games to be made in a long while. Portals excellent level design will keep you guessing on what to do from beginning to end. Although it is a short game Portal delivers on amazing gameplay, in depth storytelling and even some dark humour, thanks to a certain psychotic computer named GLaDOS that promises cake, yeah weird, but throughout the game you can't help but say to yourelf "Where's my cake?" The puzzle element to the game is entertaining too, using the 'portal gun' can be really fun as you trick your robotic enemies. Another must for all 360 and PC gamers, by far the best puzzle game I have ever played.

Team Fortress 2

When I first bought the orange box I was buying it for the great story of half life and the enjoyable envroment portal gave and didn't really think of playing or even taking a look at Team Fortress 2, this was probably one of my biggest mistakes. TF2 is perhas the best multiplayer online game i've seen, next to counter strike source. The class based gameplay is new to me and seems very innovative, choose from a wide range of player designs such as the heavy weopons guy, a quick double jmping scout, an explosive demoman, a healing medic or even a mad engineer plus many more. All are suited to different people, i like playig as a medic but many say he's to weak, each class has their own weaknesses and strengths this makes the game very tactical. I cannot say anything bad about TF2 except that lag can be pretty bad on xbox live at times

10 / 10


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