Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Reader Review

Well let me start off by saying, this will be the first Metroid 3D game I have completed, that's not for the want of trying in the others mind you, I just always seem to end up lost and have no idea where to go. For you see this game has got pretty much all its bases covered. There is always an obvious marker pointing you in the right direction with a friendly reminder text when you load your game up reminding you what to do next. This for me is essential because for some unknown reason I seem to lose track of which direction I am going in previous instalments, get frustrated and never return to the game again.

With that out of the way I shall give my opinions about the game. It took me 16 hours approximately to get 100% of all items and complete the game on Normal difficulty for my first play through. Though this information should not be used solely to decide if the game is worthy of your time it's important to let you know an average playing time.

The game itself starts of with our heroine Samus Aran, flying her space craft to a fleet of ships. Suffice to say the game only really starts once the player has left the ship, although many feel this beginning is not what Metroid is about, I think that it actually makes for a nice introduction to the Wii controls, (which for the record are sublime) and builds up the plot nicely.

Anyway after that you go into the more traditional Metroid Prime series methods of exploring fairly desolate planets only inhabited by annoying creatures that want you dead for unknown reasons. Oh and Samus's arch enemies the Space Pirates. Anyway the traditional search for power ups to access previously unreachable areas is still here and it all feels very well done. The only major drawback I can think of with this game is that it can occasionally feel far too easy what with it telling you where to practically go, but for my personal tastes I find it OK. Whereas others may prefer a far more explore without any help whatsoever.

Once you have started the game you collect different coloured tokens which can be used to unlock bonus material like artwork and a Mii Bobble Head for your ship. You can also collect special token which you send to your friends using the Wii Connect 24 feature. It all adds up to one satisfying bundle, which if you have any interest in games and own a Wii you should also purchase this great game.

10 / 10

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