Sacrifice Reader Review

The golden age of PC gaming was for me personally around 1997-2001. Bioware released MDK back in '97 ,98 Half Life blasted onto the scene along with the begining of the Baldurs gate series and in 2000 Shiny and Interplay released Sacrifice.

Does this game live up to the golden age of PC gaming? Initially no,a resounding no. Its not that its bad, its just that you have to put on the equivelent of gaming beer goggles before you really start "getting it". Its the character design, someone on the design team got an open book to make these characters as wild and way out as possible.And if you google the character design of Sacrifice you will read review after review of esteemed games journalists praising the design aspect of this game.Its hit and miss here, you talk to the gods and its just stunning how Sacrifice side steps all the marvel comics,movie images and cliches and creates something very very new.However The main character (you know the one you play) is totally ugly,the sidekicks and enemies are sometimes bordering on a 1st year art students interpretation of Picassos portrait work.

So you put on the beer goggles and trudge through the lengthy tutorial. Then suddenly around about the advanced combat technique point you start to "get" what sacrifice is about.You start to understand the incredible balance and astounding game design decisions that have been made. Sacrifice is a game that could be directly ported onto cardboard and be an absolute winner in the board game market. Its simply the most engrossing and exciting strategy game that I've ever played. Put this up against any of the RTS games of today and they will come up short. Sacrifice can afford to use wacked out character design, the story can afford to border on the surreal, the landscapes are allowed to rip off Dali paintings simply because the mechanics are so good.

However if you put this game down for a month or two you lose that immersion and next time you start it up you will NOT be able to just step in and enjoy yourself in a quick battle.

Sacrifice is an amazing game once your immersed in the bizzare world that unfolds in front of you.

8 / 10

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