FIFA 08 Reader Review

You are about to read the most biased, disbalanced, downright insane review ever. If what follows sounds like babblings of a victim of terminal incoherence, the simple reason for that is, they are.

You see, I have been driven to hitherto unexplored heights (depths?) of righteous fury - and all is the masterwork of one game. FIFA 08 for the PC.

Mark those words. FIFA 08 for the PC is NOT FIFA 08 - it is just an old witch wearing heavy makeup and new clothes. Want to play FIFA on PC? Get World Cup France 98, or get the 02 version. They looked better, PLAYED better.

This stinker of a game is Exhibit A of the ongoing spectacular shafting of PC players by some games companies. It also makes a very good case for tossing your gaming PC out the window right now.

Why? The game looks horrid. HORRID. It looks the same as the PS2 version, except it stutters more. To add icing to the stinking, maggot infested cake, only one widescreen resolution is available and that doesn't look quite right. The intro video is a pixellated, low-res mess that plays in a box if you happen to choose the said widescreen resolution.

You can forget about newfangled bells and whistles like anti-aliasing and HDR, let alone the ability to customize the graphics in any meaningful way. It is jaggies galore all the way - from the opening EA Sports whatchamacallit to the effing menus - yes, the very TEXT is jagged. No matter what you do, the actual game looks like a jag-fest too. Note to power-users: trying to force settings via the NVidia control panel does not work, just manages to hang the game.

On second thoughts, hanging is what this mess deserves. The crowds are horrendous textures. The player's movements make them look like having short legs. The default camera resorts to a height where the players are little more than specs, and things don't improve much when you cycle through the cameras.

What about the actual game, you ask. There are the usual modes and - Well, i didn't get around to playing it, I was so pissed off. There might be a good game lurking somewhere, but PC is not the place to play it. Get the PS2 version or the Wii version - at least those versions play to the strengths of the platform. Hell, even the mobile version looks better.

So I am taking it back and trading it for one of the console versions. EA should be sued by FIFA for this - I hope they give the license to Konami - wait, they are equally complacent. Soccer on PC sucks, plain and simple. STAY AWAY FROM THIS.

1 / 10

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