ICO Reader Review

ICO is an absolutely brilliant, gem of a game. I won't give away the ending, but it was an amazing, yet simple twist of fate. The makers were exquisite in their thought, penchant for adventure, details and seamless design, but when I say that it's "imaginative" I don't JUST mean the game's designers. I also mean that the game inspires the imaginations of its players. As I was helping ICO solve the doomed castle's puzzles, my mind was racing as it tried to imagine the complex back story of the castle, its dark queen, ICO and his princess. I would not hesitate to buy this game's sequel, if ever one is produced, but I would be even more interested to see a prequel brought to bear on this tale. The game itself feels like the middle chapter in an epic trilogy of the Lord of the Rings genre. I would love to hear what the game's designers had to say about the story before we meet ICO and what lies ahead in his and Yorda's path. Please, PLEASE make a prequel or sequel to this inspiring quest.

10 / 10

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