BioShock Reader Review

We were all waiting for Bioshock, well mainly because we were all hearing these great things about the game. i preordered my copy 2 weeks before it came out but the sh1t company buggered up my order and said they had misplaced my copy! and this was the saturday after it came out, i couldn't wait no longer so i just went to game and bought the collectors addition.

when i got in i sprinted to my 360 then opened the box (after about 10 minutes of struggle and 3 blistered fingers!) i was very familiar with the start of the game as i had played the demo to death, i quickly got to the part where the demo finished and encountered the video of andrew ryan, to be honest i just wanted to batter his head in because.. well.. i did.

anyway i continues to play the game and i was instantly glued to it but sadly had to go football training. when i got back i was glued to my 360 once again. it was great! i soon got face to face with this andrew ryan and battered his face in with a golf club witch i felt amusing and with one huge story twist i shivered with joy anyway i completed the game then started it on hard. i love it!

-graphics 9/10 -gameplay 10/10 -originality 10/10 -replay value 8/10

over all verdict !10/10!

10 / 10

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