Virtua Tennis 3 Reader Review

...even if it is very hard to hit an ace in the game. Virtua Tennis 3 is easily the best game that i have played for the PS3, it is easy to play, looks great and has a pretty good lifespan.

During my weak with a PS3, i had 3 games to choose from. Virtua Fighter 5, Virtua Tennis 3 and Spiderman 3. Firstly i thought that Virtua Fighter would be the best, but it was just to boring, no matter how good it is, it isn't an instant hit. As for spiderman 3? That is entertaining for the 5 minutes after the tutorial mission. So i played Virtua Tennis3, not expecting it to be any good as i am not really much into tennis, but i played one game and it had me hooked!

If you do not like tennis, it does not matter! After a game, and starting a campaign, you cannot leave the game.

I don't know what it is, but there is a spark to the game that other games have been lacking. Maybe it is because it is just fun from the start. Maybe it is the mini games that train you and are lots of fun. Maybe its the prospect of beating Fedora in a swimming pool?

I think it is the surrealness of a game that looks so very real. The players dive about, get dirty on the shorts they just won for winning Wimbledon, get all sweaty because Hewitt returns every single ball that you hit at him, the crowd making rather sarcastic noises whenever you have to dive and get the ball.

Maybe, what makes this game good is that they actually tried. Unlike Spiderman 3 where they just bumbled a city onto a disc and didn't put too much thought into it, didn't bother to iron out all the glitches and made an invisable forc feild around the city so you cannot go to the statue of liberty outside of a mission (as far as i can tell). Virtua Tennis is very much polished off. From the little touches, ball boys running around etc, to the great graphics and gameplay.

The campaign should give you around 10 hours of game play, but knowing some gamers, it can probably be done much faster. Even when you have finished, there is still much to play as you have the tournament mode, mini games and multi-players to conquer.

Overall everybody will like this game, but as it is a sport game, it may not appeal to some people, like me. All you have to do is pay 50 (cough rip-off for any game cough) and you can have possibly the best Pre-GTA4 game around. But, it is not the perfect 10. This is purley because it is not Half Life (The only game really worthy of 10/10). If you have the cash to spend, i would definatly recommend this very entertaining game, even if you can complete the campaign in a week of casual playing, it still has more to offer.

9 / 10

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