WRC Reader Review

First, what you need to know. this mobile version has very little in common with the PS2 version. If you've played V-Rally 3 on GBA, then you've played a better handheld rally game. Sadly, this is an arcade nightmare.

Initial impressions are good. The structure of the game is as you'd expect, official cars and drivers are included, along with what are possibly official tracks, for all I know. So, straight into the 'C' of WRC.

Stages consist of the usual point-to-point stuff. You get to see ghosts of all your competitors as you're racing, which adds a little interest, but these line up in the same manner as an arcade racer as you catch up to them one at a time. This makes things all very exciting of course, but why do you not see all twelve ghosts at the start of the first stage?

While puzzling over this initially it's hard not to notice the dreadful handling model. Seemingly having more in common with a sprite based racer, it makes the rally sections of Toca Race Driver 2 look positively realistic in comparison. Arcade racers have to be fun, and quickly. Unfortunately, it seems that when they dropped the simulation aspects of the title they also dropped any enjoyment aspect from the home console counterparts delicious driveability, leaving a soulless arcade husk in its wake.

The PSP isn't going to be short of driving games, this much is certain, and there are already much better alternatives. Leave this cynical cut and shut on the shelf.

4 / 10

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