Guitar Hero II Reader Review

After hearing many comments of of who gives one im crap at writing reviews........this game kicks ass! Hands down one of the best rhythm, beat, guitar playing games out (if there are any). After hauling my giant game box (one of the only down sides) across town and home, I hooked up my brand new, special made, 360 guitar hero 2..guitar.

This was were all the fun begins guys. Getting into the game is simple. Choose a mode, difficulty, track. WHAM, your in. Easy to pick up and play, but without a doubt one of the most addictive games out on the 360 (alongside Geometry Wars). A large career section is available spread across all difficulties so anyone can get in on the action. And if your feeling that you wanna kick up the action a notch, theres a training/practice area to slowly make your way onto the harder difficulties.

The difficulties can be a downside though, as I have found that the difference between difficulties is vast. Easy to medium is a large leap bringing in a fourth button into use. Medium to hard is another large leap with the inclusion of another button. Then the hard to expert gap is just.......immense, I can't even get 30% of the notes down on expert it's impossible. If the gaps were a little small between each difficulty and maybe the inclusion of some extra difficulties between each of the existing it would have made it easier to knock up the notch of difficulty. Example is after playing through medium on every song and gettin 4-5 stars, I try hard and cannot even come close to finishing the song...

This leads me (kinda)onto the songs. GREAT songs they are. All ?70? of them. All individual and with the frets built to work the song, it makes the songs even more involving. You really get into some of the songs I have found, when rocking out to Free Bird which can get preety intense on the fingers.

One major downside is that their is no current online multiplayer support for this game, which is a let down for a big game. If you are interested in multiplayer though there is the option for 2 player split screen, that can be played with another guitar or controller. I feel this is abit of a stretch for some as this would require buying another guitar ($$$$$$M$), playing with a 360 controller (WOOO XTREME) or just not being able to do it atall (SUPER XTREME WOOO). If an update for online multiplayer comes out then it will make this game much better.

The inclusion of leaderboards in the 360 version is also a great idea for those who want to battle it out to become the top dog. Though I have found when I thought that I had really kicked ass on a song, Id go to find that I was like 7000000 if the world still and some guy can play that song on expert with his eyes closed. This either makes me want to play the song like hell to become amazing at it or just give up as ill never beat (which is true). My main use of the leaderboards is to check out how my friends are doing on the game(which is usually much better than me).

The achievements are nothing that you wouldn't expect from a guitar playing game. Practice a song 3 times, get 10000 points in one song, Fail a song on easy 0_0 (im yet to get that one). But for those that really want the game just for achievements, then I would not recommend this game, as it requires alot of skill and time to get most of these.

The guitar itself works great and the shape as been re done for the 360. No longer is it your typical guitar for the ps2, now its an all new Extreme Shaped Guitar for your 360! Fret board, strumming thing, whammy bar (mine works, start/back, d-pad and 360 button are all included on this extreme white beast. Now the fact that this is a usb guitar also lead me to believe that it can be used as a controller with any game....this is true. Starting up a game of Gears of War with this beast plugged in alowed me to....spin around in circles,run forwards, melee attack and change guns. After spinning aroudn for about 5 minutes and gettin booted from 3 games in a row, I gave up hope of ever playing GoW with a guitar. But any game that does not require the use of the Triggers, Bumpers and Analogue sticks can be played using the guitar. BIG bonus for me o_0, I can kcik my friends ass on Mortal Kombat using a guitar now!

To finish my review id like to just state the whole package of Guitar Hero 2 was well worth the money (70 from Gamestation) and I was glad to find that the large box also came with stickers. Yes stickers are the main selling point of the game guys! Its what your 70 was for. STICKERS! But really great game, great guitar, great stickers, great stickers and finally the stickers are pretty hefty too guys! Good game, go buy it if you want to something to go crazy with when your friends are round your house or you just really love guitars.

9 / 10


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