Resistance: Fall of Man Reader Review

Gameplay - 10/10 Oh dear lord, the gameplay. It's a FPS, that basically it, but it's pulled off amazingly. There are some vehicle sections and some really memorable battles. I think you need to take cover more than other FPSs, but I'm not sure. With all the amazing weapons, you'll always be finding new ways of killing those chimeran scum.

Sound - 8/10 I don't pay much attention to the sound, but hearing the chimera screech as you "boom headshot" is great. The environment sounds are good too, like smashing windows and stuff. Also, when there is a group of crawlers (small, spider-like enemies), you can hear them all hissing and squealing at the same time. It's makes you crap yourself.

Storyline - 8/10 As good as FPS storylines come. The chimera are aliens, they were going to take over the world, but they got quarantined in Russia. They've escaped and have arrived in the UK, it's up to Sergeant Hale to save the world or whatever. There's some crap about Hale becoming infected, but it doesn't really matter. It's a decent enough storyline, better than most FPSs, it's hardly Final Fantasy or Shenmue, but it'll do.

Control - 10/10 Excellent. It seems pretty standard at first, R1 to shoot (or is it R2? I can't remember). Two analogue sticks to move and move the camera. X to interact with an object and stuff. What really sets it aside, even if it's a tiny feature, is shaking the controller. There's these enemies that come at you really slowly, they're unarmed, but they pounce on you and bite you. You shake the controller at this point to smack them in the face with the end of your gun.

Overall - 10/10 Gawwwd this game rocks. It's shooting aliens at it's finest. The weapons alone could sell this game to me 3 times over. Combining the cool guns with the next-gen graphics makes this a must-have for anyone with a PS3 and anyone even considering one.

10 / 10


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